Asus Zenbook Pro Duo Review | The Ultimate Dual-Screen Laptop 2019

this is arbeing and today we're looking at one of the coolest and most interesting products I've ever gotten a chance to review it's the Asus Zenbook pro duo and you may have heard of this laptop before known of course for its dual screen setup but until you see it in person it kind of still feels like a far-off futuristic fantasy but I can tell you I've spent a lot of time with it and despite a few flaws that it has it really does live up to a lot of the potential that this crazy concept is going for now I think that the Zen Book Pro duo is bringing together two really cool trends that we're seeing in laptops right now and the first is just bizarro experimentation throwing things at the wall just to see what sticks especially when it comes to you know dual screens and of all the models different laptops I've seen and tried out that do something with two screens the Zen Book Pro dual really is my favorite the second screen fills the entirety of that top half of the keyboard deck with its 4k resolution matte finish display and despite the kind of a weird aspect ratio 

it's actually perfect for putting two windows or apps side-by-side and I'm sure just hearing that and seeing that your mind is already going crazy with what you could do with the possibilities I mean multitasking and that's the really cool thing about this kind of experimental form factor is that you know every person that sits down to use it is going to have a different idea of what they want to use it for depending on who they are it's not hard to imagine a photographer or a video editor wanting to drop their timeline or maybe their media library down there it works great in both cases for clearing up some much-needed space on your primary screen for what you're trying to focus on without hiding things completely and in general that's kind of my impression of what I wanted to do with this laptop most put stuff down there that I wanted to access to but not stuff that I wanted cluttering up my main screen it's really too small and the angle of it is too flat to get any kind of detailed work done like typing or reading.

my first impulse was to drop my slack window down there and that's not a good idea cuz I found myself hunched over all the time typing into this little tiny window it's not the sort of thing you want to use the second screen for and it will require that kind of experimentation to see what kind of things you might actually do with the screen it's gonna be different for everyone but regardless of what you're doing on it the lifted hinge does give you a slightly better angle on whatever you're seeing and the matte finish helps with reflections because a lot of times you have lights shining straight down on that screen there's more to it than just multitasking though ACS has included a number of different modes to kind of get you thinking about different things you can do with it for example you can extend the bottom screen as part of the top green so you can kind of have a really long screen to scroll through web pages with I didn't find that to be particularly helpful it's kind of just a cool party trick you can also have a handwriting app I mean it's nice because you're on a flat surface stuff like that but probably the most helpful thing that Asus has included here in terms of software is what it calls task groups and essentially this lets you save a set up of Windows and apps that you might use in a particular scenario like maybe at work and you can actually toggle through a few of them really easily and I found this to be really helpful and it gets around some of the weird things that Windows 10 does with split screen and multiple monitors so it might sound a little gimmicky and it's definitely not for everyone but I actually really enjoyed having the second screen and I actually think it affected my workflow for the better in my time with it and how many times can you say that about a kind of experimental new laptop isn't it so the second big trend that,,

 the Zenbook Pro duo is bringing to the fold is a focus on content creation in laptops it's something that everyone's talking about right now and we're finally getting a an assortment of laptop so you can choose from that are actually good at this now this is clearly what the Zen book Pro duo was made for because of two main reasons it's got the 8 core core on end processor it's an insanely powerful laptop processor and it has the 4k OLED panel that's actually really color accurate now let's get back to that core i9 because at this point I've tested a number of laptops that use that same powerful chip the MacBook Pro the Dell XPS 15 and now this thing is strangely enough this experimental concept laptop is the most powerful of the three when it comes to multi-core tasks like video editing and rendering the comparison with the XPS 15 is particularly interesting I mean it has that same processor same 32 gigabytes of RAM the only difference is that DS end the pro duo has a better graphics card in the r-tx 2060 so all this adds up to a 36% increase in premiere pro versus the XPS 15 which was already a super-fast laptop in fact it was the fastest one I'd ever tested in real terms that looks like shaving off a minute and a half off of our two minute 4k Pro res 42 export that's seriously impressive I mean if you look at what a laptop could do just a year ago it's not even close now I chalk up this lead at the zone above Pro duo hats over the other laptops to two things the better graphics card I already mentioned that but also the better cooling so obviously this has a much thicker chassis than the XPS 15 but also has better ventilation you have vents along the side and you have that Virgo lift hinge that kind of props it up off the table doesn't make for the sleekest laptop in the world but in terms of performance it really pays off unfortunately,

 the way Asus has tuned this particular 4k OLED panel which is the same one that a lot of these laptops are using is for accuracy it's really bright fills the Adobe and srgb color spaces at 100% and like I said super color accurate and while we're talking about performance even though these endocranial is definitely not a gaming laptop you shouldn't buy it because it can game it actually can the r-tx 20 60 is a really powerful GPU and even though you don't have any of the gaming features like a high refresh rate or g-sync or anything like that I didn't have any problem beating a battlefield 5 and getting over 60 frames per second as long as I brought the resolution down to 1080p and that's where the ultra settings you know that's pretty impressive and again it it goes back to that cooling that ACS has done on the vendor pool now there are a few pretty significant compromises that you need to know about if you're thinking about picking this up and the first is ports port selection isn't horrible but you get USB a thunderbolt three HDMI kind of all the basic stuff but it is missing an SD card slot and I just don't understand why Asus made a laptop for content creators and didn't put an SD card I don't know the other thing is the look and feel of this thing I don't necessarily mind the bulkiness I mean it does weigh five-and-a-half pounds it's pretty heavy and pretty thick but again that's what it goes towards that performance I'm gonna have a problem with just kind of the general feel of it I mean when you open up the laptop like this and you can see the second screen it looks really futuristic and then when you look at it from the back from the lid it looks like you're using an $800 end book and on something this experimental this special I would have really liked to see ACS that put some more time into designing a lid that looks a little more interesting to fit the laptop I mean it's well-built its sturdy but it's just not the most interesting or premium looking and then there's the touchpad in the entire setup of the inputs because obviously they have to be moved down to the bottom of the keyboard deck and the touchpad is way over here now now the keyboard itself I actually really like it's a great typing experience it's really quiet and there's enough travel there 1.4 millimeters and that it doesn't feel mushy or anything like that there's even some nice backlighting happening here with multiple stages of brightness it's a really nice touch the touchpad on the other hand is obviously way off to the side and with all designs like this 

I feel like that's kind of just an afterthought won't be working for lefties that's for sure so you'll definitely need a mouse regardless of who you are so yeah it's not a super portable laptop and even in terms of battery life I mean you're not gonna get much here which I kind of expected it with a fork a 15-inch laptop not horrible though somewhere between 4 or 5 hours if you turn off the screen maybe 6 but you know you're not gonna go all day with this thing and that's to be expected but as a desktop replacement as a workstation type PC I think this is one of the most innovative computers I've really ever used especially if you're the type of person that can put this amount of power to use because remember this isn't just a $3,000 you know gimmicky fun concept right this is a seriously powerful laptop that can blow through video renders like nobody's business so if you're that type of person you know by all means this is a full recommendation from us but if nothing else man this is exciting for the future of peace hey thanks for checking out review of the Zenbook pro duo it's a really interesting laptop and I'm curious what you guys think of it and what maybe you would do with that second screen so leave a comment below and thanks.
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