Google Pixel 4 XL vs Pixel 4 Unboxing & Reviews, Specifications

GOOGLE PIXEL XL VS PIXEL 4 Unboxing & Reviews, Specifications

hello Guys this is Christmas expert and I'm here with Google's big new pixel premium smartphones fresh for 2019 hold on the left you got the standard pixel for be hittin the UK on October the 24th from 669 quid the Excel version lands at the same time that starts at eight hundred and twenty nine pounds bit bigger and some more powerful specs stuck away in there as well can it get them fully unboxed into a comparison side-by-side with them to know which one might be best for you of what the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications Bell as far as the actual contents the boxes go I'm not expecting there to be any difference let's do them both at the same time you've got a bit of seniority or some box and action that's what we like I shall forms themselves with just shove aside for now check out what you actually get in those boxes and of course a bit of pokey pin device you know you should get your sim in there that just has exhort but quick how to get started guide and everything as well you got your type-c USB charging cable of course and a quick switch adapter as well and then in here will just be the plug nice bit three pin efforts there it is there if you're particularly excited about smartphone charging plugs and frankly who isn't and that's it suddenly not very exciting there's no headphones or anything bundled in there either and no headphone dongles either so so that's a bit of a shame because normally you do get a dongle because of course there's bugger all headphone jack action anyway as you can see there,

 I have the black models of both pixel 4 and the pixel four exile you can pick them up in three different hues so black white or the awesome orange I believe it's called a bit of a wonky name but it's quite a vibrant hue definitely if you prefer more colorful smartphone that'll be probably the one for you as you can see here the black model very straightforward very simple affair it's a bit of a departure of course from the older two-tone design that used to get with the pixel smartphones which is probably fair enough because obviously we're in the fourth generation now if this stuck with the same design every time like Apple does with its iPhones put me getting a little bit steel by now because it's not actually much than weird design frills to speak of they get Gorilla Glass 5 back in its Gorilla Glass 5 up front as well so these they should be pretty durable you think you'd better Google Brandon down below of course and you've got a strip of aluminium running around the outsides there just separating the two glass edges and it's almost flat as well so I'm not quite as curved - sir quite a lot of its rivals that does give the pixel for smartphones a bit of a brick like feel than nothing too troublesome that's actually got a fairly sort of soft touch vibe to it as well this band and then of course there's the much-maligned square camera-shy see there on the back as well which certainly stands out it's quite similar to the Apple iPhone 11 effort as well just jutting forth from the surface they're not entirely sure on the aesthetics to be perfectly honest it's something a bit different but is it different good or just different a bit weird the starting pixel always of course more pleasingly compact and definitely lot lighter then it's excelled brethren as well as 162 grams compared with 193 gram Excel version looks like,

 they've both got some gas and the tanks gonna get them both set up right now and then we do a proper tour of the features and the rest of the specs just gonna stick my SIM card into the standard pixel for to begin with get that one reviewed and then I'll move on to the XL model it's just a single sim on both as well they don't support dual SIM and there's not mic resting then we called support or anything like that and so that we have it worth through let's set up and we're into the Android ten desktops here on the pixel 4 and the pixel 4 XL as you can see quite a funky desktop on the coal hair lots of random shapes and stuff and so it would jiggle about as you move the the phone very very unique another the new pixels were actually turned on and everything's much more clear to see that Google has done away with that kind of weird annoying mustache not that he has on the pixel three hunters instead it's a nice flat plane finish just like you get on the pixel 3/8 and the three XL there's quite a chunky bit of bezel action up top of course which I'm imagining not a lot of people will be happy with personally I'm not too bothered because it does have a lot of smarts packed into that general area I'm sure it's likely jar and coming from the lights the more +70,

 which has very little bezel action at all so rather than that display but to be honest the pixel 4 is nice and compact anyway so it's a good please and hand size feels good because the pixel for excelled effing much more of a beast more of a standard smartphone size so quite a handful you definitely struggle to reach all the way up to that notifications bar and of course there's no rear mounted fingerprint sensor anymore for swiping down the notifications panel but the good news is in Android turn here with the pixel for smartphones you can swipe it down from anywhere on the screen view so you're on the pixel for you get a 5.7 inch OLED screen a slightly boosted to a six point three inch OLED here on the pixel for XL both spot a nineteen by nine cinematic aspect ratio so perfect for watchin a bit Netflix YouTube whatever your fancy the resolution has actually changed up between the two as well as the size so yeah I should get a quad HD plus panel here on the pixel for Excel pack in five hundred and thirty seven pixels per inch nice crisp finish for your visuals here on the pixel for its a full HD plus still nice and sharp four hundred forty four pixels per inch so you definitely can't sniffing it both of the new premium pixels support HDR of course as you would expect yet nice sharp contrast true to life colors and everything gorgeous stuff and they both support ninety Hertz refresh rate as well so navigating and everything nice and smooth and anything that supports a ninety Hertz will be displayed at that refresh rate and then the pixel for and the for excel we both dropped out the sixty Hertz both standard refresh rate for your menial tasks when you don't need that really slick smoothness and the good news is you get a proper stereo speaker output with both of the pixels as well so let's try it on the standard pixel for first Wow well that is a very respectable volume from the little pixel right there and yeah now nice powerful sound as well as doesn't sound tinny or anything on that maximum volume Stephanie very impressive let's try it here on the XL model you know what I can't actually tell much for difference between the standard pixel for pixel for Excel they both sound nice and meaty Stephanie strong of course you don't get a headphone jack with either of these two bad boys but they do spot the usual Bluetooth 5 and everything if you've got a dongle from one of your previous pixels if you're a bit of a Google smartphone finally you can use that of course to slap in a wired pair it's kind of course change up that desktop in the usual way just by a long press and got a styles and wallpapers that will also be buried away in the settings menu as well as you see you can choose from a variety of different things you can actually get sketching yourself and yeah so you can really embrace your inner artist and of course I'm going ten books all kind of great features compared with the original Android Pi you actually start off in the default dark mode here as well which is fantastic because I do love this dog more still nice punchy colorful icons and everything everything's just so logically laid out now because as,

 I mentioned before there's no fingerprint sensor mounted on the back of the pixel for the pixel for Excel and they don't have an in display fingerprint sensor either so like the iPhone they just use a bit of face and lock instead so let's just get this set up so Siebel or to learn how to rotate your head on kind of open that everyone knows how to rotate their own head it's not that difficult I'm just going to stick myself all into the both of the little glowy things and it's got to clear all of these tiles it's certainly doing a very thorough job making sure it's captured every little bit of my face which is good so hopefully it means that would be nice and accurate of course got my chin in there lots of bum fluff and as you can see there 50 there isn't just used from nock in your phone it can also be used to sign into apps and also to make contact those payments as well you got the option to skip the lockscreen entirely which is great something that you don't get on the iPhone so definitely leave that ticked because one of the big new features on the standard pixel and the pixel for excel as well is the fact that it's got rid our support in there as well for motion gestures this is very different from your typical gesture support where usually uses the selfie camera to detect when you sort of wave it in front of the device now it can actually detect your motion just based on that radar tech so as you can see there swipe it across it will move the the theme and jiggle it about the place but of course I was not the only use for the radar tech will be a bit silly if it was both the pixel four and the XL can actually detect when you're reaching for them it will then immediately scan for my face and as you can see there bun lock straight into a bit of Android nice not read or can also be used to do simple hand gestures so for instance if you're playing some music as I am right here if you just swipe like so it will skip you to the next song sorry I can't actually play this awesome music unfortunetely because of royalty issues on YouTube I think and swipe the other way or to return to the start of the track quite handy if you're cookin or something like that you don't want to get greasy crap all over your lovely new pixel premium smartphone and it goes both pics will fall on the pixel for Excel support a bit of that edge sensor as well so you can get easily Google assistant up with just a quick frantic squeeze so you have not really any differences to speak up between,

 the pixel fallin the pixel right side when it comes to the general features and they both sporty sim as well as nano-sim of course both got y55 support not Wi-Fi six unfortunately like new iPhones but Google doesn't seem to put much impetus from Wi-Fi six yet just yet because I guess it's not exactly widespread there lots of other interesting that are features packed into the pixel smartphones as well which are unique to these devices such as the new live transcribe as well but I've gone through all of those in depth in my full pixel for tips and tricks guys - stay tuned for that that's 50 on to the performance and it's a stop trying it 4/5 chipset packed into both these devices not only at stay fi5 possible there's not a huge jump between the two to be perfectly honest the m55 still nice and nippy I was gonna do it unto to a geek bench test and point to their board blocked right now because this is of course pre-launch if you get six gigs around packed in both of them so you get nice Lippe performance for all you games and both of these devices no difference as far as the storage goes you get two tries for the 64 128 gigabytes with both of these devices nor microsd expandable 'ti but they do both give you unlimited google foot or storage at least for all of your snaps and your videos and on the battery front there is a big difference between these two devices the pixel for spots a much smaller 2800 milliamp battery compared with the three thousand seven hundred million packed into the pixel for Excel so that's a big jump up and already notice and the gap starting to grow between these two as far as the battery life is concerned so if you are going to be really really hammering your smartphone all day long with all kinds of media stream and Skype use things I like you might wanna consider the Excel model you get 18 what a wired fast charge and both these devices not particularly fast and for you compared with some rivals from like so while we're but does the trick and they both support qi wireless charging as well and that's tough it's time to check out that camera tech and you get the same exact rear camera on both of these pixel handsets is a 12 point two megapixel primary lens F 1.7 aperture with optical image stabilization and E is built-in as well and that's backed by a 16 megapixel secondary lens this is F 2.4 again o s and E is built into both of those and this offers a 2 times optical zoom equivalent and of course that means you get the same camera features on both of these devices as well so just load up the camera app it's your standard pixel app us or previous pixel owners will be right at home as you can see there they are very simple point-and-shoot affaires nice and said we've got motion enabled as well so just captures a little living image whatever the hell it's called when you take each shot and then that brings your galleries to life basically as you're flicking through now if you're trying to shoot a photo with a tricky bit of HDR involved a nice bright background like I am here nor is that all Google's got you covered of course it's got its usual excellent each to your smarts but now you can actually boost or lower the brightness of your subject as well to get exactly the kind of effect you want and as you can see there it doesn't affect the background brightness at all it's very clever stuff indeed of course you can tweak the overall brightness of the shot as well if that background is just that little bit too oversaturated and then good to go your fault portrait mode smarts of course and usually the pixel hazards are great at capturing portrait shots even with just a single lens only got a dual and set up hopefully should be nice crisp edge detection a good bit of bakit effect and of course nitesite is back and better than ever you can now shoot the actual constellations in the night sky if you don't live in a smoggy bubble like I do here in London frankly probably got more chance of seeing Banksy high five and Boris Johnson then I will have actually seen any stars any time soon but I'll try and give it a go for my in-depth camera review as a stay tuned for that now goes on the video of fun that you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage as usually and just drag it down the the features like saw so as you see they can switch between 30 frames per second and 60 frames per second open up the settings if you want to dive in here and that's boosted all the way up to Ultra HD unfortunately that can only be shot at 30 frames per second you don't have the option of shooting 60 films per second if you bump up to 4k that's a bit of a shame and of course you've got more camera features if you tap here as well including like so that panorama photosphere time-lapse and slow motion if you want them as well and of course the Google ends naturally and if we just flip around to that front facing camera on both of these phones it's again the same no difference between the pixel four and,

 the pixel for excel it's an 8 megapixel snapper F 2.0 as you can see a nice wide angle finish right there as well and capture nice shop shots and lots of background action or lots of your chums all in the same frame and there you have it that in a nutshell is the new Google pixel for and pixel for excel unboxed and compared side-by-side so you know which one might be best for you I really love the compact size of this pixel force compared to it all of the massive Titan Android smartphones right now it's just pleasingly hand feelingly goods I don't know if that's a term it is now the Excel model of course Borst the the sharpest screen you've got that bigger battery which is probably one of the major selling points as well so definitely going to be hammering your smartphone all day long you might want to consider that bad boy but both intact some excellent Android 10 specs and as I say full pixel for review coming at you imminently and that'll be followed up by the Exile so thanks for watching guys which one of you tempted by or are you not tempted by either definitely let us know in the comments down below thanks for visit  guys.
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