Motorola Moto G8 Plus India Unboxing, Hands-on - 48MP + Action Camera, Snapdragon 665

hey whats up guys this is arbeing and the moto G 8 plus that's now launched in India so this is the first phone in the Moto G eight see this in India and this is a plus variants obviously one of the best in that cities for the specifications the major specs that you see here would be these it's a 48 megapixel sensor that's the quad pixel on the back of the phone and there's a twenty five megapixel quad pixel sensor on the front for the selfies this also the ultra wide action camera that is given on the back of the device which is similar to how you had seen on the moto one action as well and this also Steve your speaker's tuned by Darby and this is how the back of the phone would looks like and this is box packaged this is the Indian retail unit though the price here is not mentioned we will be updating the price in the description as soon as the phone is officially launched in India so firstly this is the box back and so let's quickly unbox and check out what comes in the box and then we'll be talking about the major specs as well so anyway there are some specs mentioned on the friend on this display itself or admirer pixel sensor and fiber these were the same but 16 centimeter that 6.3 inch fully tipless max vision display that is with the 99 aspect ratio and also there's a fourth of an image turbo power battery turbo 4 is for the fast charging that's 15 watt power charging so it comes with the case this is how the Box would bring the case and the phone together and apart from that in the box packet all you see are these things so this is a sim ejector tool in the box and then you have this booklets there's a readme guide as well as warranty booklet so these are the booklet rack you see in the box packaged and apart from that you have a USB type-c cable which means that the phone is going to have a USB type-c port and also there's this power adapter and this travel adapter comes with reading off for 5b 3a or 9b 1.6 which means it comes with that 15 watt fast charging so that's the for sizing support that this phone has and this is the charger for the same so this is the transparent cover that occurred in the box package itself and I hope the prices under 15,000 so although the Moto G Series or the Moto G 7 series earlier was not priced so been in the market the later phones after that whatever came in the market was quite aggressive with the pricing so that's a reason I feel like now we will be seeing a better pricing from the company and so this might be under 15,000 rupees though if it is not then you might have to see whether it's actually a good for or not so this is the back of the phone as you can see it does have some glossy finish and it has the fingerprint sensor on the back of,

 the phone and that's the camera combination there so it's a 48 megapixel primary camera the second one then there's a 5 megapixel depth sensor as well as the action camera is present on the top of the phone the action camera is a 16 megapixel F 2.2 action camera and that comes with a 14 millimeter width so this is the friend of the phone this is a six point three inch display and this our notch on the top for the camera that's a twenty five megapixel selfie camera and there's the ESP a bridge bill towards the bottom of the phone what you see is the speaker grille the USB type-c port the microphone on the right of the buttons is the power button the volume rocker button on the top is a secondary microphone and the 3.5 mm headset jack and towards the left is the SIM card access area so this is the front of the Moto G 8 plus and it comes with the Android 9 pi and that's one of the major features about any modular device it comes with the stock Android and not just about being stock Android it's also about offering the smooth experience as the basic features all being present and apart from that there's the motor experience which is always present there so firstly let us talk about the storage capacity it's 47 GB available 46.5 is you'll be able to the user though that's not the correct user storage it's about 50 GB because we have installed a few applications already such as t-mobile call of duty these kind of games are installed so around 50 GB is what you get and this is the major feature here that's the motor app or the motor experience so here you have the motor actions and motor display under motor actions what you get is the quick capture fast flashlight one button nav three finger screenshot the screenshot editor quite a lot of things earlier it was about three to four features here in the motor actions but now that is waste which is a good thing Mottola is at least trying to offer more features under the experience part of the Moto app and apart from that it's a 4 GB plus 64 GB combination that you get in this device this also a 4 plus 128 which I feel might be coming down in the market but I'm not sure about that right now Digital wellbeing is now a part of the android so you'll be seeing it in every Android phone with the stock Android and this is how it looks like and also about the benchmark score so we have done the benchmark already on this one so let me now show you the benchmark score on this and also talk about the process so it's one like 68,000 480 and it's,

 the Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor that powers this device that comes with the original six one zero GPU and that's a pretty balanced chipset I would say because it has been a part of the redmi note 8 also the real May 5 the Xiaomi me a 3 and the vivo uten there's a certain number of phones that are coming with that chipset though it's not heavily power it still can offer whatever you require for a basic phone that does all the regular day-to-day activities pretty well now about the cameras as we had talked about earlier it's a set of four three cameras on the back forty eight megapixel is the primary sensor though you'll be able to catch a 12 megapixel captures because of the pixel winning and the quad pixel technology and apart from that this is how the UI would look like and if you go towards this one there's this set of features that are present here put it mode cutout spot color night vision mode is also there panorama a cinema graph and also the live filter you also have the option for the slow motion and a time-lapse so those are the basic settings for the photo camera and now for the video part of it you can go into the settings and check out for the resolution that is possible here so for the video size you can capture 4k UHD and,

 that could be up for 69 or 19 certain aspect ratio and full as you can be captured at 60fps as well so that's a good thing here action cam can be used for the full HD 60fps videos as well so that's another good thing for the photo size for selfies it's 25 megapixel sensor which is how you can capture a 6 megapixel which again is the same or pixel technology that is being used there and in the video as well you have this stabilization option where you can have this stimulation turned on which is a software simulation and hold portrait so this is the action camera that is being shown right now which you would see with some fisheye effect and you can see that it's still trying to stabilize things and it's not that shaky when you try to take the video so that's with the video part of it now this is the selfie camera on the device it's a 25 megapixel sensor but of course you are able to capture only a 6 megapixel selfie in the end because of the fact that it comes with that quad pixel technology there's a beautification and there's quite a lot of other things as well in this selfie camera as well so that's where the selfie camera twenty five megapixel selfie camera and so it would be actually interesting to see how well does this camera do because it's a good combination of 48 plus 16 plus 5 megapixel cameras on the back of course with that action camera what is it going to do and what is it capable of we'll be able to see that as well and with the selfie camera twenty five MP camera bringing down to 6 megapixel captures so of course Motorola thinking that you might get better captures when you try to reduce the resolution with that pixel pinning and have four pixels into one for more details and better light so how good is that we'll be letting your know later when we do the camera review of this one and also stay tuned for the gaming preview because although we know that the stand against expect if I is quite limited with what the gaming options are available but still it's not going to be a bad chipset for the basic gaming so this is a quick unboxing I hats on with the Moto G 8 plus there are going to be other phones in the market from Motorola pretty soon in the Moto G it says but this is the first and I hope it is priced at if it does it surely should be one of a decent options in the mid-range category so that's thanks.
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