Nubia Z20 Review - Dual Screen SD855+ Flagship Mobile & Unboxing, Specifications

now if you're in the market for an Android phone that's just a little different than all the rest out there and you're especially against notches you have certainly hate having a knotch but you want to have the latest hardware on your phone then this one is worth a look it's the Nubia z20 with a dual screen setup so for your selfie shots and you're always on or ambient display there's a screen on the rear now it's hidden away we're not on you don't even see it because of the mirror glass finish and when it is on you'll use it for your selfies of course so you get the main cameras and most importantly you can take selfies with an ultra wide camera we still don't have a lot of phones out there with ultra wide selfie cameras it's mostly just LG with the only ones really pushing ahead with that so in the box you will find a Qualcomm quick charge three charger even though the phone supports the 27 watts it doesn't come included in the box which is a real shame so charge time with this one at 18 watts is one hour and 55 minutes approximately so just under two hours if it was qc4 spec then it would be one hour we get a 3.5 to type C adapter a type C cable of course and a TPU case so that's TPU case you can use or the supplied screen protector for the rear screen with the screen protector you don't get as much protection of course but you can use ,

the touch with the other one you can't use touch you can still see the screen for selfies so that's at least one positive there and we've got a Quick Start Guide as well for the phone so the Z 20s weight is a hundred and ninety grams it's about 10 grams less than some of the other flagships i've reviewed and the thicknesses all nine point six millimeters so it's not the thinnest phone out there that's probably because of the two screen so right now this is the main screen you're looking at with the always-on display it's just a video that's being looped you can customize that in the settings and if I flip it around out you'll see the rear screen is also on you can also choose to disable the rear screen if you wanted to this will save on your battery life of course having both of them on at the same time really does take an impact on battery life as I will show you later on as expected so the rear camera module you can see sticks out a little bit by approximately one millimeter there we've got the 16 megapixel ultra wide for the 8 megapixel Sony I MX 586 as the main sensor and then we have a three times optical camera which is 8 2 megapixels now you've got dual tone LED flash here and looks like dual LED flash modules by the looks of it when I look closely at it but I've noticed that this one never actually turns on when I take photos with flash so yes you can take selfies with a flash which is great and of course that's the main camera there if it's at the top now the earpieces on both sides you can make calls from both sides there is also a status LED right here and both left and right we have the side fingerprint reader here as you can see now I've found that these fingerprint readers are a little bit hit-and-miss they're only working about 90% of the time for me so here we have a SIM tray slot to nano sense and just demonstrate so whatever screen is facing you is the one that's going to turn on so you can choose between having the secondary display with its 720p resolution and you can see then to unlock is a little bit slower here it's not actually doing too bad then it was just a little bit slower then then most of your always-on capacitive rear fingerprint scanners or even the new in screen ones now I'll show you,

 the main screen and you see that unlocks pretty quick there on the bottom of the phone you can see our loudspeaker type C port and microphone so the frame all around the outside is made out of this metal that does have like a chrome look to it and overall feels good it feels a bit like say assim some galaxy s tn+ you can just see the antenna lines right there and then along the top here another two antenna lines secondary mic no IR transmitter with this phone so the bezels aren't too bad and we do have the status LEDs up here in the main display and that is why the top bezels not the slimmest you will see the screen has a curvature to it a little bit here maximum bonus is 550 nits and this is a full HD plus screen here now the operating system is Android 9 that it's running and it's pretty much stock really they've got a few little tweaks in here but not really a lot of customization and settings which is unfortunate but always-on display options I'll quickly show you those so you can choose between these different animations I consider it on a schedule as well if you wanted to you can adjust the brightness so lower brightness of course will save on your battery and you're able to as mentioned disable them if you wanted to now the screen itself doesn't have a lot of options here so when you go under display you normally get settings for white balance but they've just got the standard Android settings here for your font size your scaling DPI adaptive brightness of course and that is really it there is no dark mode either with this display which isn't really great I would like to have that on there and no full screen gestures either but other than that the wrong performance itself is good,

 I haven't had any noticeable legs and stutters and issues but let's take a look again at these displays here both of them so you'll see here that over all that's in here I don't really have any issues with it at all I love the fact that the curvature isn't that bad but in hand just makes it feel a little bit better and if I swap over now we'll take a look at the rear screen so if I lock it now flip and unlock okay that app should have been there but we'll launch it again okay tests and you'll see now okay this screen has a bit of a mirror finish to it okay so that makes it a little bit more difficult on camera it looks alright but when you look at it at certain angles and especially in daylight it's going to reflect a little bit and this one has only 330 nets 720p max here so I don't see a lot of people using the rear screen just really for your selfie shots now on to audio so voice calls I placed a few of us about 13 minutes of voice calls from my last battery cycle and no problems okay the quality is good like any other flagship tws audio your Bluetooth 5 audio sounds good using the time C adapter to 3.5 millimeter again no problems they do allow us to push out a decent amount of volume now the loudspeaker single one right down the bottom here there is no secondary loudspeaker in the earpiece at all which is unfortunate now we do have a tiny hint of bass with a loudspeaker and the overall volume is good but here's a sample now back on the topic of ROM performance because I wanted to point out that the task manager does keep your apps in memory because of the eight gigabytes probably why they've done this longer than other brands like Xiaomi or for example real me tend to kill things off quite quickly so let's have a look at Twitter that's been in there for at least 15 minutes okay didn't have to reload display tester was one that I showed you just recently that was about ten minutes ago now also don't have to reload that one again so I've noticed that it as it is smooth it is good and I haven't seen any noticeable lag or starters although that came interesting a little bit slower and then it's expected so battery live on to that now first because this is very important so with the always-on display and my typical test that I do with two hundred nets of brightness just not of course the brightest setting it's well below 50% I managed to get seven hours of on-screen time over seven hours and 36 minutes this is a good result and this is an - - okay so it's the new version that's what's on Google Play Store now as version eight and the score is a lot higher than you'd expect so this would translate I believe into about three hundred and eighty thousand points with the old end to two last version now this is battery life with the always-on displays off the same test that I did I got nine hours so that is really good now the first time my first days battery use was actually very poor I got about five and a half hours on screen time it wasn't what I expected so really it just shows you need to cycle the battery at least two or three times before you get the proper full battery life now the speeds here this is 4G good no complaints with the reception as well cool quality is good look I do actually have the ego the old m2 - version on here attendance at all that I forgot because that was actually taken quite a few days ago so they've got three hundred sixty two thousand four those are interested GPS is working like any other Snapdragon 855 mobile accuracy of four meters which is more or less like all the other flagships does it support dual frequency say yes it does you can see carrier frequency right here and we've got a level five in there that it tells us that yes it does so wireless okay well it's 

performance isn't the fastest I have seen out of a Snapdragon 855 plus mobile a little bit slower so max speeds will top out about 260 megabits per second and over the other side of the studio here I did end up getting reasonable kind of speeds if it gets over 100 I'm happy so there's no complaint really about it it's just it's not going to be the fastest that's all internal storage is ufs 2.1 spec so we're not seeing those crazy a sequential read speeds of your phase 3 but overall this is very good the main thing here of course random reads and writes they are really good high numbers so that's not going to bottleneck the system ok so like most Chinese phones we've got a security level here in Widevine of level 3 cert okay so for Yunnan tikkis out there that don't know what this means this means if you're into your Netflix or Amazon Prime video you're stuck in standard definition until that changes until 8 level one set so this is the only tweak we have with the display is you can change it onto the natural mode which I prefer and currently running or colourful mode but no tweaking of the white balance unfortunately so hopefully they can add that in the rom now you've got this pressure ball to switch as well so if you give this a big squeeze it'll take a screenshot I'll demonstrate it now that's the long squeeze and it is handy now you can adjust it and configure this to launch for example a custom app if you wanted to you could have it launch camera for example that would be handy right and yes I am on the latest version of the software at the time of this review I just want to point out to you get about 117 gigabytes free on the 128 gigabyte version so plenty of space remember no micro SD card support right where you don't get any bloatware from them apart from Facebook but you do get quite a few google apps that are already pre-installed system apps so you cannot just go and understand install them okay what about gaming performance so snapdragon 855 worth 8 gigabytes of RAM it is as expected so all the titles out there are going to be super playable good frame rate so this is Call of Duty on the maximum settings we'll see how it runs but before we do I wanted to show you that I'm in the game space mode which is their dedicated gaming mode where you can add games to so you get this readout here of our thermals temperatures and the clock rate right there for the GPU and the CPU we've got the touch handle mode okay I don't actually have that auto mode you can set it then - you can change this to a performance mode which is supposed to hold and maintain a higher frames per second so I'm going to set it to that which is the super mode which will increase the temperatures and they do warn you about that you've got other things there like for example blocking messages and even calls so you're not disturbed when you're gaming there so this handy and you can also control the screen brightness so let's get and jump into some gameplay here battle royale maximum settings in Call of Duty so the performance is as expected very good framerate has it got lucky there with a kill but super super smooth here now I'm feeling a little bit of heat coming through on the rear of the phone in the highest performance mode here so I'll game a little bit more see if I can win this round and we'll check on the thermals so the game is still running and we're seeing maximum temperatures here in the back that are looking very very good so let's just flip it over Oh my screens gone black for some reason I don't think the game like me doing that and really not that warm after 30 minutes of gaming under the cameras now so the same camera module here is the rear camera module see of course you just flip it around and use the secondary screen here now for selfie mode so what I like about this is we've got access to the ultra wide camera which is really good having ultra wide selfies just to fit so much more in now when you go into the video mode unfortunately there seems to be a limitation here that I don't know whether it is intentional or not but only 1080p video so we have no access to 4k 30 or 4 K 60 when in the front-facing orientation with the camera here which is is quite odd now in Pro Mode you get all the same settings as you would with the rear but no access to the three times optical camera so I'll swap around now simply tap this tells you to swap and we are back now in the rear camera mode and you see here that when you go to promos you've got access now to three times and

 the video quality right up to 4k 60 frames per second now here with the front camera there's a few things I don't understand because it's using the same camera so the front and rear cameras cause the same because it's got the dual screen so you just flip the phone around and it will not shoot in 4k so we've got 4k when you use the main screen but when you use the screen on the rear I've only got 1080p maximum here now you can see that it doesn't seem to have any electronic image stabilization either and this is unfortunate but at least we do have auto focus with this camera and we can't seem to use the ultra wide either which is another setback that hopefully they can correct with software updates so this is 4k 30 frames per second we cannot swap over to the ultra wide camera it just will not let us so we've got electronic image stabilization combined with optical image stabilization with the Sony MX 586 sensor I think see when I walk along but it's not the actual smoothest footage I have seen now the bitrate for video is good for the 4k but the audio bitrate I find to be a little bit low and it could be improved upon so we can zoom or do anything here which is a shame I would love to be able to now swap over to the ultra wide camera it's just not possible you can't shoot video on that ultra wide camera so there we go guys it can take a really good photo and that problem with the video is just software only the fact that we can only record when you're in the selfie mode using the secondary screen just up to 1080p maximum to me that's kind of silly it defeats the purpose of having that secondary screen in the setup they've got that why can't me get the same options why can't we shoot with the ultra wide video in selfie mode as well would also be good and 4k so hopefully Nubia can address that they can add that the other things that are well good about this phone is the screen the front screen is very good the rear ones not so amazing but it's just meant for a secondary screen really found in on display as well so it's not as bright and it does have the mirror finish to it making it a little bit difficult to see especially in bright light now when you're doing your selfies it's bright enough to get yourself in the frame and the viewfinder there that's okay but if you're using it for your main screen and typing text messages or whatsapp messages something like that that's when it'll be a little bit difficult there so battery life my first charge were battery life and my normal kind of use was quite disappointing I got about five I think was almost six hours on screen time for four thousand milliamp hour battery with the quite efficient Snapdragon 855 plus didn't seem quite spot-on to me but the third better recycle there well the fourth I think it was at then redeemed itself and once you disabled as well the ambient displays you turn them off it will definitely increase your battery life so for most people it's gonna be about one day definitely one day okay unless you're really really heavy user gaming then you're looking at only about just five hours a continual gaming on this but that's that's normal for a 4000 M hour battery but for most people like medium use a day day and a half or so is what you can get out of this now the other things with the software we cannot tweak the white balance with the screen you cannot adjust the navigation keys if you want them around the other way and there's no fullscreen gestures it really should be there so there's a lot of things they can add to fix Nubia in this phone with the software and if they do do that then this will turn the Nubia is there 20 for me from a good phone into then a great phone once they can address that because I do love the fact that we've got no notch on this phone I'm really in two notches if you follow me on the channel you you know that I rant on about it quite a bit and the fact that we can take ultra-wide selfies I really do like having an option especially if you're out with a group then you can take a few snaps there now the low-light performance to where the camera is not wonderful you can see it makes a bit of a difference but it's definitely not going to be the best out there that would be really Google's pixel iPhone 11 qua way p30 pro make 30 you get the idea so there's other models here but for the price it's selling for good hardware great hardware just fix the software thanks  for visit.
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