OPPO Reno2 Review & Unboxing Price, Specifications

What's up guys ARBeing. And today we've got a device that's gonna be retailing for around 499 Euros and I think you're gonna be very impressed with what you've got for that price point. This is of course the OPPO Reno2. Big thanks to OPPO for getting this device to me and partnering with me for this video. Let's go ahead and get it unboxed. Now on the front of the box we do have a bit of a preview of the design with its camera module and we have the OPPO Reno2 logo at the bottom. All right. And we are presented with the device, and it has some of its key features on this screen protector which we'll of course be checking out in more detail. As well as that inside the box we do get this leather-look case with some stitching that looks really nice. There are some earphones, a SIM card injection tools, some paperwork, a USB type A to USB type C cable as well as a VOOC 3.0 flash charger. This is gonna top-up your OPPO Reno2 up to 51% in just 13 minutes and that's very impressive considering that the OPPO Reno2 already has a very big 4000 mAh battery. Right, now let's get to the device. So we'll remove the plastic. And here we are. Now the first thing we have to talk about is this beautiful display. It's 6.5 inches, dynamic AMOLED full HD+ resolution. And we have minimal bezels, around a 93.1 screen-to-body ratio. So you're pretty much seeing full-screen here, colors are vibrant, details are sharp, and feung angles also very, very good. Now the way OPPO have managed to achieve this maximum screen-to-body ratio is by not having a front-facing camera within the display. So we don't have a notch, we don't have a punch-out.

 OPPO have gone for their unique shark fin design that we hadn't seen on the previous Reno. So we've got the pivot-rising camera module, which is gonna rise up whenever you need to use a front-facing camera, and then it's gonna tuck back away when you're not using it. Now if you do accidentally drop the phone then the Reno2 is gonna realize that you have dropped it and it's gonna automatically retract that camera module and it's gonna give you this message. The front-facing camera is 60 megapixels and it supports a portrait mode as well as portrait-mode in video. But, if we turn the device around you'll see that we've got four rear-facing cameras. Now let's go through all of these cameras. So the primary camera is 48 megapixels. We then have an eight megapixel ultra-wide camera, so you can get a lot more into your shots. 

As well as that we've got a 13-megapixel telephoto camera which is gonna give you five times high res zoom and up to 20 times digital zoom. And finally we have a two megapixel mono camera which is gonna help with depth information when you're taking your portraits. Now with those cameras of course you're gonna get lots of versatility but we also have lots of features. So we've got things like ultra dark mode, which is gonna help in low-light situations. We've got auto-crop macro mode, which is gonna let you get in very close into your subjects. And then we've got ultra-steady mode, which is gonna help stabilize your videos. So we've got quite a good all-around package here for the cameras which is really good to see especially at this price point. But personally my favorite thing about these cameras is the fact that they are completely flush with the back. We don't have a camera bump or anything like that and this really goes towards the design. We do have this O-dot here which is made out of ceramic. So that way the cameras are not gonna be touching the surface they're on and they should stay protected. And then we have this design which is very, very slick. It's a combination of metal and glass, we've got Gorilla Glass 6 in the front and we've got Gorilla Glass 5 in the back. Which then curves in towards the sides. And that definitely makes the Reno2 more comfortable to hold even though it's got a very large 6.5 inch display. There are two colors available, this is the luminous black but there is also an ocean blue. I really like this luminous black color, 

it's got these blue highlights around which reflect depending on the way the light's hitting it. And it looks very, very cool. If we take a look around the Reno2 on the right-hand side we have a power button as well as the SIM card tray. Now inside the SIM card tray you do have space for either two SIM cards or one SIM card and a micro SD card. So you can expand the storage here on the OPPO Reno2. On the left-hand side are the volume buttons. We've also got an in-display fingerprint scanner. This works really, really well and it's very, very fast. And at the bottom we have the USB type C port, we have the bottom-firing speaker as well as, guess what? A 3.5 mm jack. I'm sure a lot of you guys are gonna be very pleased to see this here. So it's gonna work with all of your different earphones and headphones. And now let's talk a little bit about the internals. So this powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 g chip set, with eight gigabytes of RAM and 256 bytes of onboard storage. So you've got plenty of storage, 

lots of RAM and with the 730 g this is gonna be more than capable for all of your daily tasks as well as gaming. And we do have three methods of coolant here on the Reno2. There's coolant gel, triple-graphite layering and copper pipes. This way the Reno2 is gonna stay nice and cool even if you're using it quite intensively. For software we have ColorOS 6.1 based upon Android Pie. But the good news is that Android 10 is gonna be rolling out from the end of October on a region basis so you're gonna be getting the latest version of Android very, very soon. Finally for pricing and availability this is gonna be available from the 16th of October. And, as mentioned, it's gonna be retailing for around 499 Euoros which is a very competitive price point for what you're getting in this package. With this pretty much bezel less design,

 the quad-camera setup, the pivot raising camera module, the internals, the premium built-in design, the large 4000 MH battery with VOOC 3.0 flash charge technology and a lot more. What do you guys think of the OPPO Reno2? Definitely let me know in the comments below. thanks for visit.
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