Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Realme XT Full Reviews what is should buy.

so the let me noted flow has arrived in India and well it seems like a really good budget smartphone but hey it's not going to be easy for Xiaomi this time around because it's taking on the real me XT which is another powerpack budget smartphone so which is the phone you should buy there let me note 8 Pro or the real me XT well this is Rupesh from B bomb calm and let's find out now before we start let me get something out so this is an updated video because the last time we made the mistake of saying that the leading ext has a plastic back well that was a big mistake and so we took the video down well I just want to say that I'm really sorry for the blunt i just confuse it with the x anyway that's out so let's get into the comparison so this here is the new redmi note 8 pro and the deal me XD side-by-side and when it's clear that both of these phones look very similar in fact to similar starting over the bag the redmi note 8 pro has a good in a glass fire back and the readme xt has a platter gorilla glass fight back as well now both the phones look good right the readme xt is a little lighter and sleeker which I like but the noted pro brings a bigger batteries so yeah I've gone on the front who these fools look very similar as you can see but there's one big difference the redmi note 8 pro comes with an IPS LCD display while the real me xt features an AMOLED display well this is where the Rini xt gets a big plus I mean the note 8 pros IPS LCD display is great it's bright it's beautiful but the AMOLED display with its more punchy colors and true deep blacks just gives the xt an edge the remakes to display just looks better anyway thanks to AMOLED the xt features and in-display fingerprint scanner as well when the noted pro features of physical fingerprint scanner on the back yeah this is not a camera lens this in fact is the fingerprint scanner well both of these scanners are pretty fast the physical scanner on the noted pro is a little faster while the X things in display scanner on the front is a little more convenient I think you'll be fine with any one of these apart from that both,

 the phones have really fast face unlock so that is great and then there's the fact that both of these phones have the headphone jack the USB C port the usual buttons but the redmi note 8 pro does bring a couple of really underrated features that the real me XD lacks it has the IR blaster which is something a lot of people use in Sami phones and secondly it has the notification LED which is definitely great to have anyway let's talk about the performance now so the real me XD features a capable mid-range processor in the form of the snapdragon 712 while the redmi note 8 pro has a lot of height going for its new gaming centric mediatek helio g 9 TT chipset and when the hype is real here are the benchmark scores from both of these phones it added - you can see that the media tech chipset easily beats a snapdragon 712 now here's the gig bets corner again you can see that the hylia g9 TT is just way ahead in fact it scores are even better than the Snapdragon 730 on the redmi k20 so it's clear that the media t g9 TT is the more powerful processor here no doubts about that many cups of real-world performance it's hard to notice the difference between these phones I mean I've been using these phones on a day-to-day basis and both of these phones have been fairly nice and smooth however there is some difference when it comes to gaming see these are the mag's graphics settings on the redmi note 8 pro Geographics and ultra frame race that's amazing while on the real me xt these are the matched graphics yes HD graphics with high frame now this is nice but obviously playing it HDR ultra is a way better experience and I like the faggot video g9 TT handles the game add these high graphic settings with a lot of ease it's nice and smooth and it's been Lateran almost all my gaming sessions so it's good I also played call of duty mobile on both of these phones and the game ran at very high graphics with a lot of ease and since the game is very well optimized there wasn't really a major difference here see the real me XT with snapdragon 712 is a phone that performs really well but the Helio gene identity on the note 8 pro is just the more powerful chipset having said that we will be testing out the mediatek G 9 TT chipset on the redmi note 8 throw in the coming few days to check out its battery efficiency the frame rates it offers in games and a lot more so stay tuned for that dedicated video apart from that I know there are a few questions regarding the G cam support on the media tech chipset so let me ask them really quickly well first of all,

 the redmi note 8 pro has full camera2 api support as you can see and xiaomi has released the kernel sources for the phone unlike a lot of other media tech phones in the past also developers have for the GM mods four-wheel reforms of mediator chipsets although they weren't exactly feature pack mods but all of this makes me hope that we will be getting a fully working G cam mod for the noted pro very soon anyway since we are talking about G cam let's talk about the cameras on these things so both of these phones have the exact same quad camera setup a sixty-four megapixel primary camera and 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens a 2 megapixel macro and 2 megapixels depth sensor yeah it's the same cameras on both of these phones and the results are pretty close to let's start with the daytime trance so in this shot you can see that the DM ext has captured slightly over saturated colors as you can see in the plants I mean it looks pleasing but clearly the noted pro photo has more natural colors now let's just check out the details on the chair you'll see here the redmi note 8 pro has better detail anyway let's move on to the next shot again the XD just over saturate things and if you prefer that it's great but the noted pro does have natural colors and if he zoom in on this here the details are just better in the note 8 pro 4 and honestly this is the case with other photos as well in daytime now you got two low-light where it's very very close see both of these phones in low-light are not perfect and both of these phones have their issues as you can see in this shot both of the phones have captured bright shots and while the noted pro has handled the light slightly better it has a lot of noise which I don't like the real me XT is better in that regard so that's nice onto the next photo here the photos look fine but if we zoom in on this light the real me XT photo is a little overexposed say as the noted pro photo is better in this next comparison let's just zoom in here the real me xt photo is brighter and sharper see in low-light it's very very close and there's no clear winner honestly both the foods also have the night mode event of the night mode the XT is the winner just look at this comparison the real me xt photo is brighter and the night mode here brings a major impact unlike the noted close nightfall moving on to the ultra wide-angle lives there are some ultra wide-angle photos shot from the real me XT and redmi note 8 pro well as you can see the photos are pretty good both of them take some really cool ultra wide-angle shots bar let's zoom in on this photo well it's clear that the redmi note it throws ultra wide-angle lens captures slightly more detail than the real me XTS ultra wide-angle lens so yeah there's that when it comes supported more check out this comparison so both the phones are doing a little bit of smoothing on the face but the note 8 pro is better,

 I mean just look at the colors and see how lean me actually just ruins the t-shirt the real me xt4 honestly seems edited with HDR scape in snap C anyway here are a couple of more portrait mode shots yeah the no tape throw is just better here both the phones also have the macro lens and I took a few macro shots and well I found the note 8 Pro to be better here as you can see in this macro shot the leaves have a lot more detail in the noted preferred I try to take this photo multiple times from the XT and when the result was the same here's another shot and while I don't like the photos from any of these phones here the noted pro shot is a little better then there's the videos both the phone shoot 4k at 30fps videos so here's a 4k video shot from the 4 so in this video both aren't very stable I mean there's no ayah so obviously however the details on the noted Pro video are better just look at the surface here's a 1080p video now where again the note 8 pro video has more details yes the video on the noted Pro does look a little dark but it's more stable so there's that as well lastly there's the selfie cameras the redmi note 8 pro comes with a 20 megapixel camera while the real me xt comes with a 16 megapixel camera now both of these fools take great selfies I mean making action look good is an impossible task but both of these phones manage to do that but hey if we look closely you can see that the real me XT self looks better just look at his bed it's more clear and sharp well here are a couple of more selfies that show the same look it's clear that both the phones have pretty evenly matched cameras but if you want me to pick one winner I'd go with the redmi note 8 pro see their enemy noted pro captures better daytime photos but a ported more charts better ultra wide-angle shots better macros and better videos yeah that's a lot of better,

 the real me XT on the other hand is good too it has a better night mode takes better selfies and it's as good as the noted flow in low-light but yes the noted flow obviously when the lastly there's the battery the Redman noted for bumps of the battery to 4500 MH and it finally finally brings an 18 watt fast charger in the box the real me XD on the other hand packs in a decently big 4000 mAh battery and it comes with a very fast to any water wolf charger so many comes to battery performance both of these phones are pretty similar I mean yes the redmi note 8 pro has a bigger battery and it easily lasted me for more than a day on almost all occasions but the real ext with the AMOLED display which is more power efficient also managed to do the same so yeah it's very similar yes sometimes I read me know that probe are slightly better but it's not a huge difference when it comes to charging though the real me next is obviously faster I mean it's a smaller battery in faster charger so the real me XT goes from ten to hundred percent in just 78 minutes while the redmi note 8 pro takes 120 minutes to go from ten to hundred percent so yeah the real me XT is obviously faster now coming to the price a real me XT starts at the peace 15 triple nine for its 4 GB 64 GB variant while the redmi note 8 pro is expected to be price around 14 or 15 K for its 6 GB 64 you vary so which is the budget smartphone to buy when it's a tough call but if you really ask me I think the redmi note 8 pro wins it for me see don't get me wrong the readme xt is a great phone - but i think the note a true is a little better it's not a big margin but the low take through has the more powerful gaming central chipset and i love that and it has better overall camera performance now both of these points are important and something that matter to a lot of people when they're buying a budget smart I'm excited at the readme xt is also a pretty good all-round phone it has a more lightweight design and it has a beautiful AMOLED display and if you want that it's still a good phone to buy but yeah when it comes to the comparison the redmi note 8 pro is better but i rows are comparison of the redmi note 8 pro and the real me xt where both of these are pretty capable by the smart phones but which one are you going for tell us in the comment section below also give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and make sure to share it with your friends who have been confused with the redmi note it crow a dreamy xt lastly thanks you.
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