Redmi Note 8 Pro 5G With 64-Megapixel Quad Rear Camera Setup, Helio G90T SoC Launched in India: Price, Specifications

Redmi Note 8 Pro 5G Unboxing & Price, Specifications, Review

hi there this is ARBeing then in this video let's do the unboxing of this redmi note 8 the pro and have a look and guys this is part by the new mediatek helio gene 90 p processor this is a new gaming centric processor and this is the first time we are seeing this processor in any smartphone and as you can see it says even Alexa so this G 90 t actually has to wake up words so it can also do OK. 

Google and Alexa so that's a speciality of the chipset and this would be the first smartphone by Xiaomi to have that 64 megapixel camera and nothing so there will be the third smartphone in India to come with this first real meter card then it's even Sampson took out a phone with 64 mega pixel now xiaomi and this is also believed to be having that quad rare cameras set up i will talk about it and here it's a some other specs 20 megapixel is the front facing camera,

 4400 milliamp power battery and 18 watt charger and some other specs and as you can see guys they have sent us the 8 gigabyte ram variant that has 128 gigabytes of storage and guys this is a review nerd so the pricing is removed I like the pricing when I'm once I know but I feel that the pricing will be around 15 or 17,000 do let me know what do you think about the pricing once you know anyways let's open this up and have a look and so the handset is here so this comes so let's see so we have a case in this and some paperwork and all those things so let's take this hard this will be the TPU case as you can see we are getting this transparent PU case with almost every manufacturer that's the same and we have this little injector tool over here I'll just keep that to the side and here we have the handset it's sin and here at the back we have that quad camera set up flash and this will be interesting,

 what is this I'll have to figure that out and SAR rating it says 1.13 and body is 0.63 alright many of you asked so we'll come back to this device later on let's just peel this I always like peeling this on the side so you here and let's see again we don't get a lot in Swami devices in the box so you get a USB type-c cable I'm assuming yes type-c cable and this is the 18 what fast charger that you are getting in the box so that's what we get in the box so let me keep that to the side and let's look at the device itself so here is the device itself and this is also having a glass back over here and I believe the front portion is having Gorilla Glass 5 and back we have this color oh this is that looks like boiled color say is read me over here if we peel this off I don't know why they have all these stickers and say is that AI super camera with that quad camera let me give you a physical overview on the top we have a secondary noise cancellation microphone and we have IR blaster looks like that so that's good if it's there and we have the volume rockers power on/off part knee bottom will be the vent for the speaker type C port 3.5 mm headphone jack and here as,

 the SIM tray actually we have two slots that's actually interesting let's look at it do they have two slots are they giving a dedicated slot for SD card or something so your primary nano cell will go over here let's see what do we have in this second slot this is interesting - two slots so so we have actually two slots so dedicated slot for a micro SD card so that's actually nice I always appreciate that so let me do one thing guys let me actually now power this on and the front-facing camera supposed to be 20 megapixel and by the time it actually boots up and I set it up let me give you a configuration or view this redmi note 8 pro is having a six point five three inch full HD plus IPS LCD display its part by the new mediatek helio gene 90 chipset which is a gaming subset it's also an octa-core chipset it's part what the mali g76 GPU it's having that triple what he says slot and moving to ram they'll come in six and eight gigabytes storage will be 64 or 128 and it's ufs 2.1 storage moving to the camera it's a quad camera setup the main camera is a 64 megapixel with f 1.9 aperture then you also have an 8 megapixel that's an ultra-wide lens then we have a 2 megapixel for macro and 2 megapixel for dead front-facing camera has a 20 megapixel and it has a 4005 million power battery with quick charging so guys I was just setting up this account and and asked you for this but personally I'm just going to skip all this because of privacy reasons just skip and yes obviously fingerprint scanner and all this thing you can set and guys the fingerprint is over here I don't know why they put it here so close to the lens but this is the fingerprint and I'm just setting that up so that's what you get and again guys be very careful with this one disable all these stuff otherwise you will get ads this personalized user experience this emulator definitely update that this wallpaper casserole also disable it I've seen some times with trauma phones you can get ads so be careful and disable at this but again this doesn't guarantee that you will never see ad you will see in some of the Xiaomi amps but anyways this is what you should do quickly it's limitless let's go go with this so,

 I'm just applying that and once it's done and again a lot of spam layer that it's asking just disable all this chunk don't install it from here I would say even if you want the apps install it from the Google Play Store as you can see it doesn't it makes your life like difficulty on its unselecting also I don't know why family tries to do all this crap I mean it's just remove all this and again you want to install these apps installed from the Google Play Store out of this only just I would say keep this me remote because that's required apart from that just remove all this extra junk where and it's set up so guys I've just set up this device and again typical me UI this comes with me you white 10 out of the box guys and again some apps are pre-installed though I had uncheck the PPM it is pre-installed I don't know why but yeah that's what it is over here and again we also have the mini remote that IR blaster I was starting so that's actually nice and if you go over here you have the quick toggles over here and if we go to the settings my in device as you can see me Y version 10 on this one which is still running on Android Pi so hopefully they give Android 10 soon on this one and storage out of that 128 gigabytes you can see and we get about 150 megabytes of space available so that's what we cared over here and this is typical me UI well now they are giving digital well being also because google has migrated there to give that your well being on new Android phones so that's nice and let's look at the fingerprint scanner open this so again it's a physical fingerprint scanner over here and as you can see that's fast but I was actually frankly expecting that Xiaomi would go the AMOLED screen with the industry fingerprint scanner because many of the phones even in the mid-range are doing that but this is what we get on this one we have the knotch design and so yeah this is running on that Helio gene 9pt chipset will be interesting to see it's a gaming chipset so general performance should be good not a problem it's an octa-core processor so again I will be testing this one and got some quite a few updates so I will install some games and play on it later on and I'll update you guys also follow me on twitter at geek ear Angie do you know that once I do that I'll even try to post a dedicated video on the gaming but now let's also look at the camera because again 

I think this is also a camera centric smartphone so let's power it on and as you can see what the three cameras are over here and the fourth camera is actually here guys I also got confused because of the fingerprint scanner this is the fingerprint scanner but that's how the setup is and let's fire this I'm just going to a love love so it has that new macro mode as you can see it's just trying to highlight that but let's look at the interface right now like this this is the regular if you press it goes to 2x zoom and if you press once again it goes to the wide angle so that's how it is and once you go to this regular you also have this button macro mode so that's actually nice so I will show you samples later on with the macro mode and see how well it did I will show you the samples and we also can go directly to the 64 mega pixel mode because in the general mode actually does pixel binning 64 divided by 4 so it's 16 megapixel shots but you also have a dedicated 64 megapixel more and let's started portrait and all those things as you can see at an aroma and all those things portrayed and all those things you have that so let's move to the front-facing camera and it also has that portrait mode and by by default the beauty mode is enabled as you can see here so all that so let's go back well this is the portrait and here also it shrink 64 mega this is not true the I it has to revert back on so bug I would say in that UI so this is the regular photo mode and we also have HDR and of course AI capabilities because of the mediatek helio associate that supports on that so let me do one thing let me actually take some more sample shots with this one so that you get a better idea regarding the camera so here are the samples and as you can see in outdoor lighting conditions it is actually doing a pretty good job and these are some of the close-up shots that I took and I feel yes the macro lens is actually doing a pretty good job as you can see with these samples also the 64 mega pixel mode produced some very good details as you can see and the big advantage is that you can zoom in but the image size is almost 25 megabytes with this one and now a human subject these are some of the samples that I have taken and it does a good job but I given wide angle it makes the skin tones really dark to give an example regular short and this was with that wide angle lens notice how dark it makes and again these were a regular shot and this year

 I enabled the portrait bouquet mode now going to the front-facing camera I believe it's actually really really sharp as you can see with these samples and also the portrait bouquet mode actually does a pretty good job as you can see now a surprise for indoor shots these are taking a completely artificial lighting and then also notice how sharp the pictures came out you can see a lot of detail and this pictures and as you can see it did a pretty good job but again in that wide-angle mode the colors are very muted and these were some indoor samples of with human subjects and again as you can see considering the price point of this one as you can see it did a very good job and this one in the portrait of bouquet mode but when we invoke the wider angle mode as you can see the colors are very weird with the wide angle mode so guys that's it for now for the unboxing of this redmi note 8 pro so what do you guys think about this device do let me know in the comment section below and guys if you have any other specific questions about this device do let me know and as I've told you as this is having that Rs. 14,999, going up to Rs. 17,999 #REDMINOTE8PRO5G, new Helio processor which is a gimmick centric associate I will definitely do a gaming review or with this one anyways guys what do you think about this one do let me know in the comment section below that's it for now. Thanks for visit guys.


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