Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 - Unboxing and First Impressions & Specifications

what's up everybody should arbeing back again with another post and today we're gonna do a quick unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab s 6 now you can pick this up on Amazon I'll put a link up in the description the price on this one 650 bucks now it comes in three different colors we've got cloud blue mountain grey and Rose blush alright so let's go through over the specs now you can get this in Wi-Fi or cellular the cellular one is gonna cost a little bit more and the service provided is Verizon for the display you got a ten point five inch Super AMOLED panel with the resolution of 1600 by 2560 now that's 287 for the PPI Patrol for the processor you got the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 with the adrenals 640 GPU what does that mean flagship specs bro flagship specs now you got six gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage or eight gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage both features are micro SD card slot for expandable memory up to 512 gigs now it's one an Android 9 VIP with Samsung one you are skin on top for the battery we've got a seven thousand forty million battery that features 15 watt fast charge for the cameras on the rear we got a dual setup so you got a 13 megapixel F 2.0 lens and a 5 megapixel F 2.2 lens on the front you got an 8 megapixel F 2.0 lens now you get in quad speakers I said that's four speakers tuned by AKG with Dolby Atmos you got an on-screen fingerprint sensor bluetooth 5.0 USB type-c charging Samsung Dex an all new s-pen that has Bluetooth technology ISO all that for 650 bucks what's missing only one thing no headphone jack that's just wet ass jack boss alright so let's pop this open and see what it is first things first shout out to white shoes back in Philly damn I here we go Samsung Galaxy Tab s six now went with the Rose blush let's grab a little unboxing knife tack it to back in the building here we go one more okay so we got a nice presentation alert classic Samsung box nothing too fancy your neck okay so inside the box now here's a whole new s-pen okay this is gonna be your 15 watt fast charging brick USB type-c charging cable white in color choose jump right up on that here's your sim ejection tool inside wait for it use your books and shit pluck em and follow them and let's see what this is this should be a different line if your tool to change your stylus alright so this is a tool this is the tool to change the stylus tips alright so if you use the stylus all the time and the tip starts wearing down just change it up oh now for the coup de Gras galaxy tap s6 Samsung is trolling me today a little sticky material on this one here it is voila now like I said I want but the Rose blush color I just wanted to try something different definitely doesn't look pink it does kind of look roses roses roses now one thing that's upgraded from the Galaxy Tab s s4 the s-pen now has a spot on the back to magnetize the s-pen now here's my old s-pen from the tab that's for I lost this thing like three times had to keep buying them now with this one you should be able to maintain it maintained your S Pen and it doesn't flap off okay on the top two speakers there's a mic on the bottom two more speakers USB type-c charging slot did you sim turn on one side volume rockers and your power button front-facing camera dual rear cameras all right so let me she was going to work on this cable with your shoes I need you to calm down eyes I'm gonna power this up set everything up and then we'll come back in a minute and run through the OS talk amongst yourselves alright Jos will be back in now before I go any further let me just answer the main question that I know a lot of y'all gonna want to know if you're looking for a Samsung tablet which one should you get the s4 the s5e or the s6 let me break it down the s4 this one is gonna run you five hundred and forty bucks now you got the snapdragon 835 processor you got the glass back so it's the most premium looking and feeling tablet you got a flash on the camera you got an S Pen you got your iris sensor and a headphone jack but no fingerprint sensor now with the s5 II this one's gonna run you 400 bucks you got the snapdragon 670 processor so that's the lowest out of the three no flash no S Pen no headphone jack but it's the cheapest one then you got the s6 and that one's gonna run you 650 bucks you got the snapdragon 855 processor so that's the best out of the three you got a Bluetooth s-pen dual cameras but no headphone jack and no flash on the camera so what does that mean look if you buy on the tablet and all you're gonna do is use the same apps that you use on your phone your Facebook your Instagram your Twitter but you just want a bigger display or maybe you're looking for an e-reader to read your books and your magazines or say you just want to watch a whole bunch of videos youtube netflix or jacking off in the middle of the night go with the tap s5e it's the cheapest one now when it comes to processor you're not going to notice the difference in speed when you're using day to day apps or when you watching videos as far as the display all three got the same display they all got the same speakers they all sound the same and they all got the same battery give or take a couple of milliamp s-- but they're all the same so if you're looking for a basic tablet save your money go with the s5e now if you want the most premium feeling tablet and you need an S Pen and you need security go with the s4 the s4 has the iris sensor so it's the most secure out of all three of these tablets not to mention you got a headphone jack now I know you can get a splitter USB to 3.5 but this one already has the USB and the 3.5 headphone jack and like ,

I said it has the most premium feel to it now if you're looking for a tablet for work all right for your work tablet or gaming or you one of these douche bags at the graduation taking pictures with a tablet go with the big boy the s6 best processor best GPU not to mention the Bluetooth s-pen so if using it for work and you got to set up in your office or you give them presentations powerpoints or videos remember the S Pen on the note 10 walk wipe change the videos do the same thing on the s6 let's keep it moving all right so now let's talk about the build quality and y'all know I gotta say it feels so good in the hands ladies you know the procedures now personally I like the glass back design a little bit better because it looks and feels more premium but you're gonna have to deal with all little fingerprints and smudges now as far as durability this one is gonna be better take a look at my s5e this is my scumbag tablet I never put a case on it it's been dropped a bunch of times it's always on the floor it's always in the car no scratches no dents so build quality a1 next now there's a couple of different ways you can open up the device hit the power button swipe up put on your pattern or your PIN next you got your own screen fingerprint sensor works 100% of the time and lastly you got face unlock now I'm trying to do it from behind the camera you see it unlocked and then you just swipe up so everything works now in the side note I'm not going to go too deep into this video because I'm gonna do a follow up once I get the Samsung keyboard case so right now we'll just touch all the basics all right so let's set up those toggles let's see anything we need to look at you got Samsung decks you got your QR scanner secure folders that's your top protection screen recorder okay you got smart viewer I should cast blah blah blah navigation bar and of course night mode activate that immediately let's take it the sentence let's see connections now none of these tablets have NFC and this one is no different what you do got your VPNs and your private DNS just keep it moving sound of vibrations now these speakers are super loud I love these speakers let's see a bubble and let's go to advanced sounds okay sound quality and effects so you got Dolby Atmos Dolby Atmos for gaming and you got an equalizer which you can set the custom and rock out like a scumbag if you want or you got your presets pop classic jazz and rock and you got a depth sound if you want a custom tune it now you also have separate apps sound so what that means is if you connect this to a Bluetooth speaker and you're listening to music you can set it up so if you get a notification it won't interrupt your speaker music playing you know how that goes you have two bluetooth speaker connect it and you get a text message and you got some weird ringtone and it goes through the speaker you don't have to have that just keep it moving let's see our notifications you don't need to see that let's go to display hit max brightness let's put it on scumbag status okay you got adaptive brightness if you want you got your blue light filters night mode screen mode let's see you got normal and vivid or actually natural and vivid we'll leave that alone blah blah blah navigation bar now if you want you can have full screen gestures or you can have your back button on the left or the right I already set that up let's see there are no no need to take a look at wallpapers lock screen taste padding and pins you also have smart lock okay you got your secure lock settings let's see face widgets activate those if you want no I blah blah that's pretty much it on net biometrics and security everything secure folder not life let's see advanced features okay so you got all your S Pen settings with both of those in a minute Samsung Dex accessories all right when you get your keyboard case go to accessories you got your smart pop-ups screenshot a record this tablet got so many features I'm gonna do a full real review on this one and go do everything a little bit more in-depth matter of fact there's one thing I wanted to show you how motions and gestures ISO double tap to wake smart stay and leave that on easy mute alright so if you got the Wi-Fi version and you're getting a phone call put your hand over it palm swipe the capture swipe for calls and messages straightforward I see you got your digital wellbeing monitor your scumbag activities device care let's see how this is running right now 98% let's optimize it bring everything to 100 that's that you can also check your battery storage memory and security let's see accessibility alright so if you're hearing or visually impaired you got all your different settings high contrast everything is on deck let's say anything on software updates and about tablet Android non VIP straightforward now one of the things that I like about this one as opposed to the s4 the s-pen hold on the back now keep in mind it's not just a holder you see that little white tab right there this how you gonna charge your S Pen so you see when I take it off and I put it back on it shows you your S Pen battery percentage fully charge it up now the S Pen charges in like 10 minutes is mad quick let's go through some of the S Pen features real quick now like I said I'm gonna do this later but got all the standard stuff create a note view notes got smart select screen right live messages AR doodle translate pen up and you can add some shortcuts if you want different apps now one thing that I do like about this s-pen Bluetooth so take it over the camera and the same thing now if I want to take a picture press the button take a picture flip the camera up flip it back down zoom in zoom out all your Galaxy Note features they work on this s-pen also so that's it go now let me show you the Internet I mattify we could do it from right here let's take it over to the Internet check the web browsing speeds go to opening webpage look how fast that is all right full website,

 iPhone 11 pro max I just bought this phone over 1,500 bucks for 256 gigs Apple calm down everything works now of course you got all your split-screen multitasking alright so we can open this up as a pop-up get minimize it got seen that before or if you want you can hit it up as split screen and then we'll take it over to YouTube on the bottom and there it is Apple on the top YouTube on the bottom and you can have all your pop-up windows so this is a multitasking Beast let me pull up a video so you can hear these speakers and take a look at this beautiful display alright so I got one of my videos cued up if you buying this as a media tablet you're gonna love this take a look at this display and listen to these speakers come up the bottom still out come up the top still out this is how you want to watch your videos don't forget you got the bean to s-pen play and pause your videos raise or lower the volume and don't forget to walk Wow skips in an extra few bodies your boy this is so sick now I know a lot of people going to ask if you got an s4 should you upgrade this might be the reason why you want to upgrade if you're running this tablet as a setup in your office or you're doing presentations you're gonna want that Bluetooth s-pen song playing pause bong children you got the tablet across the room here come your supervisors for oh yeah which I want okay cool soon the supervisors walk out bong get connected a video and then what skip this is so sick thank you let's keep it moving alright so now let's take a look at the camera now there's a couple of different ways you can open it up from the lock screen double tap you see the camera icon just swipe up next you can unlock the tablet pattern pin face unlock fingerprint sensor and this open up the camera app but the best way to do it is use the WorldStarHipHop button press the power button twice bong there's your camera alright so let's go through all the different shooting modes you got food night panorama promo change the ISO your white balance you got live focus and all over the different settings photos with the super wide angle you see how wide they just got that's pretty dope you got videos and hyperlapse now you also got bixby vision and a are emojis now let's take it over to settings no flash though keep that in mind you got your scene optimizer got the QR codes motion photos let's see rare video max quality UHD and for the front video max quality Full HD now if you're gonna be one of those douchebags walking around the party taking pictures and videos with a big-ass tablet at least put it on full screen and look more futuristic now on the side note bum Bluetooth s-pen that's why this is so sick watch this want to take a picture press the button want to switch modes wop-wop want to flip the camera whop put your back whop this is so sick I love this bluetooth s-pen now a lot of y'all think it's a gimmick until it's time to take those group photos you have your hand hidden somewhere and just press the button this is a go alright so overall on a scale of 1 to 10 I'm giving the Samsung Galaxy Tab s 6 a major major major go I love it now like I said once I get the official keyboard case I'll make a follow-up video but I got a thousand Galaxy Tabs I've been using these for years this is easily the best one to date and that's because of that bluetooth s-pen that is the dopest feature now of course there's some things that I don't like I'll just name a few right now no headphone jack - it's wack hashtag bars I don't like the fact that they didn't put the dongle in the box that's kind of wack - and no flash on the camera I don't like that not just because of the camera but the flash also works as an LED notification light so you see I've got all these tablets right now on the table if I got a notification the only one I would see is on the tap s4 so Samsung if you watching this video headphone jack flash on the camera anyway Samsung Galaxy Tab s6 is that got any questions I want me to cover in the full review leave it in the comments and let me know what you think all right so one more thing I wanted to mention now if you buy this tablet or any other Samsung 10-inch tablet or any other 10 inch tablet in general here's a must-have accessory you need to check out the Under Armour exoskeleton now you can pick this up on Amazon I'll throw the link up in the description the price on this one 15 bucks watch this now like I said fits on any 10 inch tablet boy you got to do slap it on the corners you see how it stretches it gets wider and taller slap it on just like that now has a loop in the back put your thing in it so see you I work and using the tablet it's not going to move around you could grip it like this and go crazy but if you just stand there like this got your tablet on a deck and it even has a little slot on the back now let's see if we could charge this s-pen on this one old s-pen fits but if you want more safety or so you got a Galaxy Tab s 4 with a bigger S Pen slap the S Pen right in the back this is pretty dope for 15 bucks check it out for yourself shout out to everybody rockin with me on Facebook Foursquare Twitter Google+ shout out to all the Google gangsters I'll see our home and down at Facebook page shout out to everybody hit me up on boxer and a special shout-out to everybody blocking with me on Instagram now notice where I'm at full time on a percent full throttle and a special shout-out to everybody rockin . thanks for visit
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