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hi guys tastes warty and this is the much-hyped OnePlus 7 t pro a bit of a mouthful but the question is is it really worth the upgrade from the One Plus 7 Pro and how much is it actually better than the standard one + 70 which was launched just a couple of weeks ago I've been using it on and off now for the last week so in this video I'm gonna show you what happened in the quick unboxing then I'm gonna give you a full review of how I've got on with it within the time I've been using it so it's time to grab your plus one and the pair of you can watch what's new with the One Plus 70 Pro see me flying ever drop  now when I occupy firstly apologize for that absolutely horrific pun at the start I can assure you the product is better than my awful jokes now firstly in case you are new to the oneplus brand and their products as a whole you'll need to know that the T variants are devices that come out towards the back end of the year they're based very heavily on devices that came out around May June time with a few alterations enhancements and improvements to hopefully take it just that little bit further not wholesale changes incremental no doubt but remember that thought as we go through this video right so in terms of the unboxing experience when we slide off the outside sleeve inside it actually opens outwards and it's actually rather satisfying to do inside firstly we have a little reviewers booklet with information about the new device we're just going to put that to one side and then we have the two different sections on the left-hand side of the actual device inside the retail box and then on the right-hand side we have some cases now traditionally we have sandstone carbon fiber and a silicon red as well but for some reason in this one I've got two carbon fibers not really sure why perhaps they'd slipped an extra carbon fiber one in by mistake jump down in the comments if you would like the cases in this video and I'll send them to one person from the comments again now we jump to the retail box and the retail box looks pretty much identical again to the standard seventy we've got a little message from oneplus on the front and the oneplus 70 text also on the sides and then if we flip to the back we have a little bit of information of this actual device so not only does it give us the color which is haze blue but also it tells us eight gigabytes of RAM and 256 gigabytes of storage and I've been told that that is the only option available to keep things simple there may be other colors available but in terms of RAM and storage it only comes in one variant and again same as a 70 when I pulled the open tab it didn't really work how I believe oneplus intended but again I thought I'd let them off if the device was good enough inside the box you of course have your manuals and then we have the actual device and you'll get a quick glimpse here of the Hayes blue in all its action and as soon as we take that extra packaging off it starts to really shine through and I'm a massive fan of this Hayes blue eye quite like the nebula blue of the one plus seven Pro that was released a few months ago but I found especially when shooting video with it it was a little bit dark this haze blue really catches the light and it's gonna be a head turner it's slightly darker than
the standard blue coloring on,

 the oneplus 70 which is more of kind of like an ice blue like a fox's glassy ermine are they still around I hope so they were good now it's all of the color you'll probably notice not much different from the OnePlus 7 Pro you still got the same button configurations are the same alert slider which I love and will continue to love on all one-pass devices and not really sure why other manufacturers don't do it also inside the box we have the charger and the charging cable here we have wall charge 30 T which one + claim is about 23 percent faster than the last generation and this week that early part of the charge has been absolutely phenomenal in the time I've been using it from sort of nought to 60 percent it's been ridiculously quick then it tends to slow down and if you've got your phone at 75% 80 90 whatever and you put it on charge it takes quite a long time to get to 100% but one + have really focused on that early part of the charge because they and to be honest I feel that that is quite an important part of the charge if I'm dashing out the door - charge 1 + fans from old will know I was dashing out the door the other day and I was on like 10% and I was just like oh what am I gonna do put on charge it was about 5 to 10 minutes maybe a little bit more but there were there abouts and next time I look it was about 40% and therefore gave me enough juice to last the time that,

 I was out certainly don't need to charge overnight and it's been really helpful and all those slight increased charging speeds have been combined with a slightly increased battery cell as well so we've got 4,000 an 85 mhm in the 70 Pro now I'm a little bit disappointed about that I was hoping for a bit of a bigger battery cell because I do find on the 1 + 7 pro battery life is good but it's not amazing especially when you've got the quad HD resolution going on and the refresh rate as well which we'll get to I found it left me wanting a little bit with the 7 Pro it has been better with the 70 Pro but it's very marginal so we touched on the 91st refresh rate of the 7 program we have that like I said again here no improvement no 120 Hertz no 4k resolution on the display but all in all it is a pretty great display my only disappointment with the display is not based on its comparison to the 7 Pro it's actually based on its comparison to the 70 standard because yes we've got a quad HD plus 6 point 6 7 inch display compared to the 6 point 5 5 inch full HD Plus display but we actually have newer technology in the 70 than the 70 Pro which seems a bit odd and I'll explain we've got an e3 panel material display which emits 40 percent less blue light it's got a peak brightness of around a thousand nits and overall like I said it's just a newer technology than we see in the 70 Pro which is also still Gorilla Glass 5 and not 6 like the standard majority of flagship surround right now we do still have HDR 10 plus the display is also AMOLED known as fluid AMOLED according to one plus it is still incredibly immersive with those wraparound curved edge displays which when you combine that with quad HD you combine that with the 90 X refresh rate it is a brilliant display and earlier in the year I felt the higher refresh rate trend creeping up on us and I thought it was better but didn't think it needed quite as much attention as people were giving it when I now go from a 90 or 120 back to a 60 I really do notice the difference and then when you go back it's like hmm BAM it is still slightly too wide in my personal opinion for what a smart phone should be but there's no denying it's a beautiful premium looking device great for media consumption great for gaming I've had hours of fun when I really should have been working and the haptic feedback motor has been improved as well it seems quieter cleaner and just a little bit more satisfying oneplus have always prided themselves on the smoothness of performance and I've noticed that in the last week the 8 gigabytes of RAM the Snapdragon 855 plus SOC combine that with the latest Android ten with oxygen OS over the top oneplus is skinned it really has been a pleasure to use I personally love oxygen OS I think it's my per I actually prefer oxygen OS to stock Android and people out there might be,

 like wool settle down buddy oxygen OS what stock Android should be sorry Google no hate intended very very close to stock Android but just a few little quirky features that just makes it feel that little bit smoother the included animation special gestures unlocking the device and little quirky features like Zen mode for example all equate to an experience that is really really stellar I personally don't use Zen mode although like I said on the 70 video I really should I need to put my phone down more and open my eyes and lift my head up every now and again and I will do once tech tober and the birth of my second child are out the way but the other features that I've mentioned I use and abused all the time now we said that the camera arrangement on the back looked almost identical to the 1 plus 7 Pro from earlier in the year and the actual lenses are basically the same so we've got a primary 48 megapixel Sony AMX 5 8 6 sensor with F 1.6 aperture and OAS we've got a 16 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens with an a hundred and seventeen degree field of view and we've got an 8 megapixel telephoto lens with three times optical zoom f 2.4 aperture and oh is so that when you're zooming in to shots that are quite far away you can still be relatively stable you'll probably also start there saying well hang on isn't that almost identical to the 1 plus 70 camera setup as well and again you'd be correct we've got the same primary lens pretty much we've got the same arch or wine angle lens pretty much from the only differences the telephoto zoom telephoto zoom the telephoto lens with optical zoom is what I was looking for we've got a 12 megapixel lens on here compared to the 8 on here we have also the OS on here as well obviously in terms of design they're hugely different let me know which one you prefer so there have been some changes software wise with the 70 Pro with that camera so you now have more portrait options so you can choose between kind of the traditional standard head and shoulder shot or you can zoom out a little bit and still get that nice blurred bokeh background you've also got the all-new macro mode as well where you can shoot from 2.5 centimeters away and you can capture some really great shots don't get me wrong they look amazing when you get them I personally don't feel that's necessarily massively important not saying it's a gimmick but I can't say I've felt the need to use that in my life you may differ you may love getting those really close animal or insect or flower shots in that macro mode it may be beneficial it's a good feature it's just not one that I've really used that much also the brand new nightscape has a really great feature where you can shoot using that wide-angle lens as well so it's absolutely great if you're out shooting in city centers for example you want big buildings in there and stuff like that it looks brilliant the shots are also now producing a wider dynamic range to create brighter clearer crisper looking night shots and while I don't think it's necessarily quite as good still as the offerings from Huawei for example it's certainly now incredibly competitive and in terms of the photo quality you can get some absolutely great shots really crisp clear fairly warm color temperatures compared to Samsung and Huawei for example still cooler than the iPhone but I filled with oneplus and cameras they are getting better I still don't feel it would be my number one pick in a camera but it's getting pretty close and if you install the Google camera apk on there for example getting the kind of camera app from the Google pixel phones again that software processing combined with the hardware of the device is another really great feature and an alternative but if you just want to use the standard app that comes with the oneplus 70 Pro for the average general consumer it's a great camera in terms of video it doesn't quite meet the likes of the iPhone 11 Pro for example which can shoot 4k at 60 on the rear and the front and the audio is gray the audio is not quite as good on here you don't get 4k on the front camera but you do get 4k 60 on the rear again the same as the 7 Pro and all in all with their new stabilization system where they fuse OAS and E is together they call it hybrid it does make footage look pretty smooth so not the best video but again pretty competitive and along those lines if we look at the front-facing camera I'm not a personal / a personal person I'm not personally a person who takes a massive amount of selfies but when I do you can get some pretty decent shots again not quite sharp as the pixel phones and even,

 the iPhones to be honest in terms of that pure facial focus sharpness but I do like the color temperature in the processing and the edge detection on the whole is pretty decent as well around the hair areas and sort of edges of shoulders and chairs and stuff like that as always with these things it's not perfect but again it's a solid eight out of ten now unfortunately you can't get the sort of two focal lengths like you can on the rear that would be a nice addition for a future product and of course that 16 megapixel front camera is housed inside the pop-up so that is something that may be make-or-break for you it debuted for one plus in the one plus seven pro and they've continued it with the oneplus pros one one plus seven pro I told you it was a mouthful so in terms of the oneplus 70 pro as a stand out device it's a really really great one especially considering even though it's more expensive than 70 it will come in at cheaper than the latest and greatest from Samsung and Apple etc you're getting a brilliant device for the money but here's where I'm a little bit confused with this device if you take away the fact that it has the Snapdragon 805 plus compared to the eight five five in the oneplus 7 pro and all in all in my opinion there's not a huge noticeable difference in performance if you take away some of the software tweaks like macro mode in photography some of the new additions with Android 10 which is already on the 70 and will be coming to the likes of the 7 Pro if you take away the minor improvement to the battery size you've basically got the same phone as the 7 Pro and I know the T variant is incremental but the similarities between these two combined with in my opinion this huge improvement in the standard 70 just completely blurs the line now between the 3 devices it felt that oneplus with the 7 put all their focus on the seven pro and forgot the seven and now with the T Varian they've gone all out to now improve the seven to the seventy and kind of forgot to improve the seven pro don't get me wrong three incredible products great prices across the board just a little bit of a head scratcher a little bit confusing on this one let me know what you think in the comments section below has this now blurred the lines not like Robin Thicke blurred lines sorry don't copyright strike me Robin Thicke what do you think of the 70 Pro are you interested in it are you gonna go and get it have you already got the 7 Pro are you not going to upgrade are you gonna go and get the 70 because it's cheaper and you get very similar features and as always these videos do tend to take quite a long time to make so if you did enjoy, thanks visit
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