AirPods Pro Review: unboxing

what's up guys ARBeing here earpods Pro I guess a lot of people care about these ear pods became the most popular headphones on planet Earth pretty quickly within about two or three years of them coming out and so smartly apples decided to follow up with and capitalize on that with a professional version of them aka one with noise cancellation and a couple extra new features they're pretty good so we all know they're $250 and are not actually replacing air pods to as much as they're living on the site alongside them and so they're not just the new air pods but they're also the best of air pods so in that impressions video I went over each of the new features of ear pods Pro and what it does and so now that I've been using them for about a week it's time to go over how good each of those things actually is so let's start with,

 the new design the ever so me mobile new design I think they're fine I'm not really in love with any earbud design at the moment so really any improvement from air pods to is good to see so the stems here are shorter which is good it technically brings the microphone further from your mouth but they sound just as good for phone calls then at the bottom of the stem you have a force sensor instead of touch sensor now so you're squeezing to play pause double squeezing to move to the next track long squeeze to turn on noise cancellation it was annoying at first because the shorter stem is a bit closer to the side of your head the way they fit but then I got used to just squeezing the sides normally the only bummer is there's no volume control from the buds at all I honestly think that might be my least favorite thing about the design I really don't want to have to ask Siri to change the volume every time hands-free maybe that's just me anyway they fit into this landscape magnetic case that honestly is still pretty small it's bigger than the old air pods case but it still easily fits in a pocket and a lot of other wireless earbuds cases have come through the studio lately and they're consistently typically much bigger than the air pods case to the point where some of them aren't even really pocketable I can still fit the air pods pro case in the tiny pocket,

 I never use inside the pocket in my Jean so yeah not a problem here but of course the most important difference with air pods Pro is the silicon ear tips instead of the hard plastic going into your ears turns out to be a major win for a lot of people like me who literally can't wear regular air pods for more than about three minutes before they're just sliding out these actually stay in my ears I can walk around move more than normal work out and they create a nice little seal and that's already a big functional difference but the important thing for earbuds people is that the seal isn't uncomfortable so typically when you put earbuds like this into your ears you're also pushing air into your ear too which can be uncomfortable because it creates a bit of pressure there but with air pods Pro the pass through cut out that lets air through equalizers pressure and by the time you're wearing them it honestly makes it easy to forget you're wearing earbuds even for someone like me who doesn't wear earbuds very often which is impressive so you get them in your ear they're comfortable they've solved the first major problem which is staying in your ear the next question is how do they sound so I have two answers when the noise cancellation is off they sound just like regular air pods they're fine when noise cancellation is on they do sound dramatically better their pods Pro get really loud to the point,

 where I never need them at full volume and most if not all the improvements in the actual sound are as a direct result of you having a decent seal now instead of no seal at all before Oh for you to Quinn from snazzy labs for an audio files perspective on exactly how air pods sound in which she describes them as mid heavy and I completely agree but I'll let you check out his excellent video I'll link it below so that being said let's talk about that noise cancellation this is its biggest strength so there's three modes noise cancelling off and transparency mode and the noise cancellation is really impressive to me with earbuds they do well in noisy environments but they're at their best with you know more consistent white noise so something like the din of a coffee shop or being in a car on a road trip or even on an airplane you know I was just thinking about it recently this because of the feature set being so unique this is I think my only pair of noise-canceling open back earbuds which is very strange but I do love that they do noise cancellation now you can't control the level of noise cancellation but it makes everything sound better and people who previously have only used you know air pods or other headphones that don't do this will love these then there is transparency mode which I almost was equally impressed by so uses the microphones built-in to pass through audio around you and it's this really natural sounding pass through it with maybe a little bit of hiss where exaggeration at the high end but in general it sounds like you're just not wearing anything in your ears at all which makes it easy to forget that you're wearing them so this is a good mode if you're you know walking or running next to a road or you're on a plane waiting to hear the announcements or just generally don't want to be totally isolated from your environment oh and then there's a regular just on mode in the middle which doesn't really do anything crazy with noise cancellation or transparency it just turns the earbuds on and saves a bit of battery this one just sounds like you're wearing air pods with silicon tips not amazing sound but you do have a little bit better of a shielding and typically would for battery overall for ear pods Pro Apple says four and a half hours with noise cancelling or transparency on five hours with noise cancelling off,

 I kept it on all the time I got about four hours that's not a full flight sometimes which is interesting but the quick charge in the case is at least convenient so if you do get low you can plug in for a couple minutes and get an hour of charge out of that and they charge by a lightning so a couple of their fa Q's number one do they work with Android yes now they will again not be the best for Android they lose some of the convenience features the auto play pause this Siri of course integration but they do work as Bluetooth earbuds can you use third-party custom silicon tips or replace them with foam tips that you might like better no as far as I know this connection between the earbud is actually proprietary so definitely try not to lose them because you're stuck with what comes in the box or you can go for the four dollar replacement tips straight from Apple surprisingly reasonably priced are they good for workouts sure I've done it they are sweat proof technically they're ipx4 water-resistant which means you can sweat on them and they survived for me but if I was looking specifically for workout headphones I would look more towards something like the power beats Pro which will specifically stay in my ear better and get beat up more and be fine but if you want just one pair of earbuds to be fine for everything yes these will survive will work out better than the previous air pods so then our ear pods Pro the best wireless earbuds yes but no but yes but no like there are headphones that sound better the Sony WF 1000x and threes for example terrible name these do sound better in the air pods they also have noise cancellation then air pods bro they also have a longer battery life than air pods Pro they also have better customization in their app than air pods Pro like these are technically better headphones for sure but the air pods Pro nails so many things about everyday use like the case size for one that's a pretty dramatic difference and also as dumb as these might look there are some other designs that are way,

 Dumber and you do get used to the stock thing and it just ends up being natural and of course the fast charging is convenient and the h1 chip so that it pairs instantly with any iPhone you want and then the rest of the Apple ecosystem and a blending in with iOS 13 so well all this stuff more than makes up for it they're not audiophile grade headphones they're not great dedicated workout headphones they're not the perfect headphones for flying but if I could only pick one pair of earbuds to do all of this stuff with I would pick air pods Pro and a lot of people are gonna make that choice there imperfectly perfect in is is that a word that's probably not a word but you know what that's still gonna be the title so let's spin it that's my ear pods Pro review they're really good and just for fun since y'all made it this far if you head over to Twitter I'm gonna be giving away a second pair of air pods so you can check these out I'm gonna give away this pair of D branded ear pods Pro of course the headphones and the case only come in white so you might as well get some color going and customize the case so you know exactly which one's yours when they start showing up everywhere details will be below but yeah sometime in the next 24 hours look for that tweet that's been it thank you visit.
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