Beats Solo Pro: Unboxing & Impressions!

hey what's up guys I'm ARBeing here and these are the new beats solo Pro headphones hey whoa wait a second I I thought you hate beats what's going on huh uh you know what it's kind of funny the I actually kind of started off like I really loved beats but then I sort of swung the other way and then I hated beats for a while but then I sort of came back but I don't know I feel like I have to check these out look at look at the box that come in which it says solo pros to call the pros I have to check them out they come at a bunch of sweet colors and then the box literally says more matte on it as if that's a huge feature so I I don't know I feel like I have to alright what does that mean I can have the Sony's then no no definitely I'm you can I'll keep using the Sony's keep your hands off those but these are definitely impressive to me worth checking out I'll show you why so,
 I got the blue ones but there are a bunch of colors including yes matte black everything and matte red and as a dark blue I don't the sky blue just a 30 guys off but every one of these colors is a matte finish soft touch all the way around and they show absolutely no fingerprints anywhere they're just really well built this is one of my complaints about early beats when they were just these like thin glossy plastic bands that just broke super easily this is basically the opposite the top band is sturdy now there's actually metal in the side pieces and I just by sliding these metal pieces up or down to the size of your head and it's rigid like these are my favorite build of Beats headphones actually of all time but,

 I also think that that biggest improvement may have also led to this headphones biggest downside which is comfort these are on-ear headphones first of all and they simply don't adjusts very much like they move around a little bit but not a whole ton like some others and they're generally just a lot more rigid partially because of that metal and that's the number one reason they're uncomfortable is because they sit right on your ears and the clamp force is tight and like sometimes when the clamp force of headphones is too tight and you know it you can sort of where you sort of break them in after a while these haven't really had that effect they've sort of stayed rigid which means they're built well and they won't break but it's still kind of uncomfortable so I found I could wear these for a couple hours and it didn't really get worse over that time but they'd pretty much right away be a bit uncomfortable because they're squeezing my ears but once you've got them on that is actually where the fun starts they turn on automatically when you open them and they turn off actually right when you close them which is a pretty good mechanism there's no on/off button so you never leave them on by accident and kill the battery and once they're on,
 there's really just one controller and it's the d-pad on the right-hand side and it controls everything one push for play pause you've got a double tap for the next track triple tap for the previous and you can also volume up or volume down and then the little button on the left can turn on or off transparency mode and the noise cancellation is pretty good like better than I expected you turn it on and you can immediately hear everything drying out it's great with,

 background noise great with public transit and awesome on a plane and the way they actually sound is good yeah these beats sound good it's not like the previous solos which have been some just super bass heavy overwhelming garbage these are a totally different world I'd actually say they sound pretty fun now don't get me wrong they're still heavier on the bass and the highs less on the mids which can make it sound a little bit shrill if you're used to flatter or more neutral sounding headphones but in general for most people these will sound bright and clear and vivid like a photo from a samsung phone you actually get a decent amount of isolation from the way these cups sit on your ears too even though they're not over ear but mainly that's because they clamp so hard so yeah if you're still someone who's worried about beats because they might sound terrible you don't have to worry about that anymore but I'll still say the Sony's bows and Sennheiser premium noise cancelling headphones I still think all sound better than these but I mean that's pretty much it I mean their headphones like how many features can you have the transparency mode which uses the microphones to let you hear what's around you instead of cancelling that sound works very well and the soft case they come in it's just that it's a soft case so I'll say that's fine for me because I keep them in a backpack and a compartment by themselves but of course being soft it's not super protective so if you're tossing it in a travel bag with some other things be careful and then the main thing left is battery life which on these is excellent 40 hours with noise cancellation off and 20 hours of listening with noise cancellation or transparency mode on I just did a pair of cross-country flights about five hours each average and 

I wore these the whole time it was pretty uncomfortable but I wore these the whole time and I was left with about 46 percent after all that so that about checks out so that's great battery life and they also fast charge so you can add up if you plug these in I think about an hour of listening from being plugged in for five minutes the only bummer is that they charge via lightning which I guess if you're an iPhone user already is not that much of a bummer but for someone like me who paired them with an iPad pro and an Android phone I would have been great if they also used USB type-c like those two things but I mean these are beats they're made by Apple I don't even know why I get hopes up for that type of thing but anyway I'm gonna say these are my second favorite beats ever I'm still gonna say my favorite beats are the power beats Pro those are still a kick-ass pair of workout headphones they actually fit and stand my ears and you can run around and do all kinds of crazy stuff so I love the power beats Pro but yeah as far as actual headphones that beats have made there's my favorite yet I just wish they were more comfortable and I just keep I'm so happy that I'm pleasantly surprised with, 

the sound for 300 bucks these are competitive you know there's the 250 to 400 dollar premium noise cancelling headphone world out there like I said I'm still gonna switch back to my Sony's yes clone I'm into the Sony's because they are more comfortable on their over ear and they sound just a little bit better but there is no problem with these beats either way it's worth noting there is a pair of over ear noise cancelling beats that I'm I have to check out but in general I'm impressed with these good job beats or good job Apple I guess with these I'll be looking forward to the next pair maybe there's a pair of wireless matte black beats Pro coming that would be that'll be kind of sick actually either way hey thanks for visit.
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