LG G8X Proves Foldables are Coming and First Impressions & Specifications

hey what's up guys ARBeing here so a common opinion or popular sentiment I've heard is that foldables are a bit of a gimmick you know there's no point to them why are they even trying they shouldn't be made just stick with regular phones and I could see why you would think that you know they really stumbled out of the gate early in 2019 the $2000 re-released galaxy fold and the $2,400 delayed wahoo a mate XR kind of the top two right now and then there's the the royal flux pie which nobody should buy but when a market starts to grow and mature there become different ways to differentiate yourself inside of it and so now along comes LG and while they're clearly not doing a folding display what they are doing is doubling down on the whole concept of a bigger screen that can fit in your pocket thanks to being foldable so that's why LG made this this is the LG G 8 X thin Q but I'm never gonna say that hole name and this phone costs $6.99 and for that price it also comes with the dual screen accessory I'm gonna say that again the phone the flagship phone and the dual screen accessory together included 700 bucks so you can just get the phone by itself if you want to but honestly there's not a whole lot of reason to it's their new flagship but it's a pretty unremarkable phone by itself in a lot of ways they're sticking with the risk-free plain-jane design that they have for a little while glass sandwich that's a slight hint of blue color again on the back flat no camera bump for the standard and ultra wide camera which is nice and then a six point four inch flat 1080p OLED 6-years display nothing too crazy and then they moved the optical fingerprint reader from the back to underneath the display glass so they've caught up to that 2019 trend there's still a single speaker at the bottom paired with the earpiece speaker up at the top which is over a pretty standard notch in 2019 it's better than some but again in a world of hole punches and pop up cameras and wild rotating mechanisms,

 this is again the safe route and the specs are pretty plain too there's actually only one speck Snapdragon a 55 60 gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of expandable storage its IP 68 certified and a four thousand milliamp hour battery that's nice since we've seen some others pixel messed this up but if they keep the headphone jack which they have and a quad act for the diehards you'll still be able to rock those trusty wired headphones but overall I can tell you no one's exactly drooling over anything crazy about this design it's not the design that's selling this phone it's not the specs that are selling this phone this dual screen case though now that is what's selling this phone so this is a mostly plastic case not exactly built like a tank but it's lightweight which is important and it's made specifically for this phone again and this new version we have here has a USB type-c port inside of it that plugs into the phone and now everything in the case is powered by the phone so the display on the inside the buttons duplicated on the side of the case it's all now connected and lit up and there's a five pin pass-through port at the bottom and it comes with a USB type-c adapter so if you want to charge with the case on you simply just connect that adapter with some magnets with with the magnets oh wow this is the best part of the case ,

I love these magnets okay so you can connect and charge up with the adapter thanks to the magnets love that anyway then you're in then you have this entire second screen you have this 360-degree hinge that you can fold back in a way when you don't want to use it and LG's really doubled down on the functionality and the software features of making this better than the previous version maybe to a fault like right off the bat I'll acknowledge it straight from the top one of the pieces of feedback LG got from the last one was that the color temperature between the two screens wasn't exactly perfectly the same and I can vouch for that so the solution for the g8x was to use the exact same display panel for both the phone and the case which means yes there is a notch at the top of the cases display even though there's nothing in it there's no second camera no sensors nothing it's literally just an empty cutout but it's just another notch over there this is one of those things I mean it's it's symmetrical I guess that's cool but it's gonna be one of those things that's really easy to make fun of but look the software features when you have two screens instead of one folding screen have to acknowledge that there's a bezel and kind of embrace it and take advantage of it we've seen this before so LG's dual screen software still does all the same stuff that it could do last year matches the brightness across the displays lets you have different apps open one on each side simultaneously you can swap sides but now there is more there's a,

 three finger gesture to move an app from one screen to the other you just kind of flip it over and it works pretty well and there's also now wide mode enabled for certain apps like in Chrome for example it spans across both displays now again is a little more rough because that is a pretty chunky bezel in between them but you know it kind of looks like two phones taped together next to each other but with continuity between them honestly it's gonna be up to app developers to make their best apps take advantage of these dual screens and foldable screens for that matter but it's still early days for everyone trying to work on this stuff so I'm trying not to be too harsh or judgy on the app situation for foldables just yet but it could use some work I think possibly the most ambitious feature that LG built in is called the gamepad which turns one of your screens into a game controller that lets you map specific buttons on the controller to certain touch areas on the screen in games you play and it works okay in some suggested games it's not great with the few games that I play on my phone but I like the ambition that's one of the more forward-thinking uses of dual screens that I've seen in a while Bravo also there's a 2 inch preview screen up at the front of this case that shows the date and the time and battery and some notification previews I don't really use it much it's super low refresh rate it seems like maybe about 15 Hertz but you can turn it off if you don't like it also that being said a couple other quick quirks about this why is the whole front of this case glossy other than the little screen up here there's no need to make this entire thing a fingerprint magnet and while it's cool that wireless charging I can confirm does work with the case on why is this whole window here cut out I mean other than the cam you don't really need anything to see through the logo is it because you want it to see the logo that's kind of lame and on the battery to it is a four thousand milliamp hour battery which is nice for just the phone but I haven't used this phone long enough to tell if this will hold up powering both screens for a reasonable amount of time but I have been told it uses about 20% extra power through that USB type-c cable powering both screens all the time but look the whole point is this system is LG's way of differentiating themselves in this growing segment of foldables not necessarily folding displays but folding devices are coming galaxy fold folds out while we mate X folds in we have a rumoured Motorola event coming up with possibly refreshed razor that's a portrait folding device folding screen kind of the way flip phones where you have Microsoft's surface neo and surface duo that our dual screen that are a 360 degree hinge and now you have LG coming along with their much more budget version also of a,

 360 degree hinge but that's completely removable that you can use like a regular phone when you want to so that's it that's my thought that I wanted to get out there that this first generation of folding products like I said it could be a folding screen or it could just be a foldable in some way is coming back although I guess if you had flip phones it's sort of the second generation the folllow products but you get the point the apps have to come along everything has to come along with it but they're coming and they're here to stay I believe it let me know what you think in the comment section below and until the next one thanks for watching see you guys later peace thanks to LastPass for sponsoring a portion of this video so how many websites do you think you have logins for you know probably all the social media sites whatever the main ones are that you use then you got your bank website probably some fitness app you've signed up for that you don't use that much maybe your college email they're starting add up and if you don't have unique credentials for each and every single one of these sites then all it takes is one of them to be compromised and a bunch of them go down with it and suddenly your personal information is out there but remembering 20 different worries is also nearly impossible so that is where LastPass comes in they relieve the burden of having to remember a ton of different passwords you can keep all of your login information and passwords and data safe in one place conveniently and it's easy to use so you can stay sane stop trying to reset passwords and you forget them and try to think about what the first constant you ever went to was or what your high school mascot was LastPass autofills their credentials on these sites and on mobile sites as well and there are apps on iOS and Android so when you open an app or a site LastPass will fill in your username and password for you and they get fast and easy to log in and they also offer unlimited password storage and free crust device syncs so even if you're that guy that has to sign up for an account on every website you visit and you've got to have a unique password for every single one cuz it's technically the right thing to do LastPass still got you covered so you really just need to keep your one master password safe and secure and that's the last pass you'll need to remember what I did there LastPass anyway that's it thanks for visit.
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