Redmi Note 8T Unboxing & Reviews, Specifications

hey guys welcome back ARbeing and today we're going to review this one to let me know a t so this is a silently release form after the successful release of the redmi note 8 pro this one gets debut and guess what the only difference between this and the note 8 is just the atom MFC and of course the collar so I did unbossed all three of them the blue the gray and the white so it's a little bit different from the one to do this by when we note eight and of course this one sports the NFC so let's go ahead and watch this thing okay so the redmi note AP is a spin-off of the redmi note it's series something like to add those ste those whatever prefix after the original series probably sometimes just to confuse us or just upgraded SIM card ejector pin in here user manual warranty card jelly case not bad but the phone itself here have the mineral great addition this is probably a good choice yes we type C and of course the 18 watt charger okay so other than that there's nothing more inside the box so let's go ahead and check the phone out we have the quad camera at the back so we have the 48 mph answer it MP ultra wide 2 MP macro and 2 MP depth sensor so we have also here the fingerprint scanner the red me logo down here you have ,

he loudspeaker yes we type see Mike in and of course the audio jack on the other side we have the SIM card tray so we have two nano SIM and one micro SIM slot or top noise cancellation mic I are on the right side power and volume rocker and of course front shooter so yeah putting it up it the wallpaper looks exactly the same as that from the redmi note 8 pro looks nice looks neat keys are still running new item so still waiting for update UI 11 now playing with the camera oh well identical with that from the redmi note 8 let's check the score from and to do so based on what I see the chin is a little bit bigger than the redmi note 8 so this is score we got from and to this 155,000 points which is no pretty decent to be asked me so yeah so right now we're looking at this one is the device name is we then it sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 5 rear camera supported MP then of course we have here it's the 6 gig of ram no sorry it's a four gig of ram 64 gig storage then we have okay just the size of the screen 6.3 the pixel density bump up a bit 410 camera forces told you it's a 48 plus 8 plus 2 plus 2 and the front shooter the front camera let's see it's a 13 MP shooter we saw the spec sheet here so battery capacity is 4000 we have your R's running hundred nine yeah an elf's is here the only upgrade that I see from 

the Remy not eight to the net below 80 so let's jump over to the pictures that I've gathered ok so I can see the Christmas tree it's a pretty decent if you ask me outdoor shots are yeah pretty good under well lit the cat can see the quality it's good the videos are good under low light shots it's also a performer not bad and the selfie shooter is just a little bit blurred on the on the low light shots but still acceptable so these are outdoor shots some food shots so stuffy and the welded plays are pretty pretty decent which shots aren't quite good so let's check out the video that I took if it's pretty decent or not and we're trying to walk outside here funny quite rainy out here taking here the video is a bit jittery not really that stable cuz I'm still using my hands but yeah she could have performed better so while I walk you can see it's a bit shaking to be shaking okay so colors are natural it's running under 30 FPS 4k UHD quality so it's pretty good okay so you can see that camera shots are good well probably something could have been better for some low-light shots but overall the camera is already a performer so we'll jump right now to mobile legends these you can see that the control is to me there's no problem playing 

mobilengine so mobile that is not really a graphics intense game so what interest be so yeah just you get a good connection then there's no problem here so you can see the responses pretty good okay so give it a check for mobile legend so let's move on to call of duty so let's try call of duty right now and see how good the game is please I can see that see the there's no framedrops basically on this on this unit [Applause] so we can see that the game is pretty good and yeah uh no killing spree okay so there you go and basically the redmi note 80 and the redmi note 8 are quite identical except that there are just the addition of the NFC so in some country centers it's useful in some countries it's not but it's still nice to have for the addition a ,

little bit of money but if you don't did it then go for the redmi note 8 instead of already not 80 but you can see that the based on specs that this is a little bit thicker by point 0 2 or 0 4 if I'm not mistaken but overall it's pretty much the same thing performance is same the camera is almost the same gameplays thanks for visit
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