Xiaomi Mi Note 10 First Impressions: 108MP, Unboxing & Reviews, Specifications

I always get excited for a new xiaomi phone and this one in particular has a couple of tricks up its sleeve that I really want to test out namely and you see it in the title a 108 megapixel camera that's just insane but before we get a little too excited over that one detail let's remember that this particular phone the Xiaomi Mino 10 has a lot going for it so this is ARBEING what's going on everybody here is your first look at the Xiaomi me Note 10 I've already used it a little bit over the last couple of days and I have some thoughts to give you in this initial look as far as the unboxing experience is concerned one thing I always liked about,

 Xiaomi phones is that they come with a case inside of the box this is something that you're gonna end up needing because the phone is so glossy and so pretty but it slips around the hand a bit too much part of the reason is because there are curves on the front and the back that's right this AMOLED display at full HD resolution does have curves on the sides so you get a little bit more of that full screen experience however there is a bit of a notch at the top and if you look a little bit closely that little camera sensor on the front is actually kind of large that's a 32 megapixel camera underneath but then of course when it comes to the design you're looking at the five cameras on the back yes five it took me a second to realize that at the very bottom here there is a fifth camera and even then it's just funny seeing how there's one camera separated from the entire unit above it the phone itself aside from all of the different cameras looks pretty standard as far as a,

 xiaomi phone is concerned and its really fingerprint prone so you're gonna end up wiping this thing off a lot again that's one of the reasons why having a little case like this is good it's both for grip and also to hide some of those blemishes another thing to note is that on the bottom you still get a headphone jack and that USB C port does fast charging for the 50 to 60 milli amp hour battery that is a huge battery and the fast charging on this one can actually get that from 0 to 100 in just over one hour that's insane again now it doesn't have the snapdragon 855 plus but it still has a gaming forward chip in the 730 G more on that in a little bit that 128 gigabytes of storage is fixed you don't get a microSD card slot on here which might be,

 a little bit of a bummer because of everything that this camera can do but 120 is still plenty so hopefully I'm not going to fill it up too quickly with 4k resolution videos and with all of those 108 megapixel shots so how exactly is this achieved well you still have a sensor that is about as small as it can be for a smartphone but there are a hundred and eight megapixels in there that are being pixel bins in groups of four so you ultimately get 27 megapixel shots that's if you're using the main mode before you even scroll over to the 108 megapixel mode where you use every single pixel for not the photos so there are going to be obvious comparisons between the main cameras and to that particular mode and the main takeaway is that when you zoom into the 108 megapixel shots obviously there's a lot more detail there's more information in there just for the sheer amount of info that was gathered as you took that shot in broad daylight shots the 108 megapixel photos are fantastic in low-light shots you probably will want to go to the main modes but of course there's also the night mode that's available if you need that extra low-light oomph we're going to get a little bit deeper into,

 the 108 megapixels shots in the full review but you can head over to my channel to take a look at all the footage that I captured with this particular phone any real-world camera test kind of a vlog style type thing that day out in LA so you can see even more from this particular device once you get past that main sensor though there's a lot to have fun with here you have a 2 x optical zoom that is there also a 5 x hybrid zoom and an ultra wide camera that you know I'm already going to be a fan of that final lens at the bottom is actually a macro lens according to show me the reason why there's a dedicated sensor for the macro lens is so that they can tune the low-light shots a little bit better after all when you're back close to a subject you might be casting a shadow over it so good low-light shots from the macro lens are key ultimately all of these lenses come together to give you what might be considered the Swiss Army knife of phones as far as phone cameras are concerned of course and the phone might also be good for video capture as well because Xiaomi put in a little bit of extra effort to make the video modes fun as well more on that at my video at youtube.com slash Josh or Vergara you're going to want to check those out so obviously this phone is all about the cameras and it's going to be something that we test as we move on with the full review however ,

I wanted to give a special mention to the Snapdragon 730 Jian here this is one of the only phones that is sporting that and honestly I'm seeing some good dividends on here even if it's not the 855 plus I mean think about it this way you have that particular processor which is not going to be the most powerful but then you have one of the biggest batteries in a smartphone right now that should mean that battery life on this phone is pretty incredible as far as performance is concerned gaming is still at a top clip I still really enjoy all of the games that I've put on here like Mario Kart or I only really had some speed issues or performance issues when moving among all of the different lenses and taking a lot of photos back to back to back in the camera app after all there's a lot of processing that has to be done to achieve those 108 megapixel photos so that's one thing to keep in mind is that the phone does need a,

 little bit of time to process everything especially in the camera but as far as gaming is concerned you're still gonna have a pretty good time on this even if the 730 G is not the most powerful but I will go ahead and call it on this one the Mino 10 as it will be called globally was just announced earlier today and I've been using it for only a few days adding it at this point but I'm really enjoying it so far Xiaomi phones always have something fun to them and in this case it's a phone that is a solid everyday device that happens to have way more cameras than maybe you need but you're definitely going to have fun with and with an industry-first 180 megapixel sensor well that is definitely something to get excited about so stay tuned to,

 I do have a real world camera test coming out pretty soon I'm working on it right now they can look forward to over on my channel drop some likes on these videos get into the discussions down in the comment sections down below and let's talk about this particular device are you excited for this me no 10 and let us know what you think about a 108 megapixel camera THANKS FOR VISIT.
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